Single mum Sushmita Sen FINALLY reveals the well-kept secret of her svelte figure!

Single mum Sushmita Sen FINALLY reveals the well-kept secret of her svelte figure!

Sushmita Sen is known to change her workout regime regularly and this newest form is most certainly helping her redefine her svelte figure.

On her 42nd birthday this year, single mum Sushmita Sen gifted herself something truly unique. She decided to make her already svelte figure much more fitter, stronger and healthier.

So instead of the routine cardio and weights that almost everybody does, she has put herself on a newer forms of workout routines like nanchaku to kangaroo jumps.

But she is not alone.

As always, her daughters are by her side, cheering and workout out with her. In fact, Sen recently shared a video of her latest unique workout with daughter Alisah, 8, and in the process she revealed the secret to her svelte figure.

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Along with the video she wrote: "Getting use to our new #kangoojumps (emoticon) A bounce worth burning a #1000calories an hour!!! definitely my kinda thing!!!! (emoticon) Alisah & I sweat it out in our #kj as we enjoy the #cardio the #rebound & life itself!!! (emoticon) I am a proud mother!!! (emoticon) Here we go again #teacher @nupur_popeye (emoticon)Happy Sunday my loved ones!!! (emoticon) #sharing #love #mmuuuaaah!!!! (sic)."

Sushmita Sen: "My body...My rules"

Sen who has always believed in the philosophy of loving oneself is regular with her exercise and follows a strict diet. This discipline in her life has helped her develop a svelte body, but she continues to challenge herself so she can become stronger.

On the day of her birthday, she shared a picture of her tummy and wrote: "#workinprogress... Slowly but surely!!! I begin training again post all my travels to meet the body I want as my 42nd birthday month begins!!! let some SAY it can’t be done...I’ll keep it simple & just DO it!!! My body...My rules!! Every year I celebrate every it on my body or on my face!!! I have earned them!!! #celebratelife #celebrateyourself #birthdaymonth #renewal #rebirth  yipppeeeeeee!!!! love u guys!!!!! Mmuuuaaaaah!!!!! (sic)."

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But understanding the importance of maintaining oneself and keeping fit didn't just come because she belongs to the industry. It came when she suffered a severe accident.

“Sushmita suffered a slip disc in past and was unable to do the gym exercises so she makes it up in other ways through dance and yoga. She trains herself in the gym and keeps on changing her workout routine every week which comprises running, cardio and aerial. Sushmita loves to do yoga with her daughters’ outdoors — on beaches and in the water," a source close to the actress told DNA.

The source also added that Sen "keeps a strict watch on her diet and meditates too. She believes a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and it shows in her smile and body.”

Secret to Sen's svelte figure

So what do her daily meals look like?

"Her day starts with a cup of ginger tea, followed by breakfast and then a glass of vegetable juice. For lunch, she is known to prefer ghar ka khana, which includes simple dal, sabji, roti and some rice. She prefers simple dinner that does not hamper her sleep and is digested easily," reports a daily.

All these details make Sen's secret of a svelte figure absolutely clear- regular exercise and a simple home-cooked meal.

3 takeaways from Sushmita's disciplined regime

  • Exercise: The single mum believes in working on the body religiously and treating it like a temple. She is also an ardent follower of yoga and meditation, both of which are not just beneficial for the body but also for the mind and soul. She also combines that with basic cardio training, weights as well as introduces newer forms of workout regimes to keep it interesting.
  • Opt for an Indian diet: Sen also revealed that instead of trying to follow a crash diet or western diets, Indian mums should include desi superfoods in their diet. This includes ghee, jaggery, dals and lentils, bajra and even rice.
  • Give time to your body: Similar to Sen, you should also set a deadline for yourself. Make it a small one with smaller goals so they are easy to accomplish and then move on to your big lifestyle goals.

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