Has single mum Karisma Kapoor found love second-time around in Sandeep Toshniwal?

Has single mum Karisma Kapoor found love second-time around in Sandeep Toshniwal?

These pics are proof!

Celebs don't like to come out in the open when it comes to their personal lives and the same goes for single mother and Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor.

While there were rumours of Karisma in a relationship for the last couple of months along with her recent sightings with businessman Sandeep Toshniwal, Karisma recently introduced Toshniwal to her inner circle of friends and family at dad Randhir's 70th birthday bash.

Reports say that this clearly means that Karisma and Sandeep are indeed going on strong and might take their relationship to the next level. Randhir Kapoor's 7oth birthday bash was strictly for family and Sandeep's presence there in a way proves that he has indeed taken an important place in the family.


Reports also say that Randhir and Babita were seen taking pictures with him, which means that they also have no objections whatsoever to Karisma's relationship with Toshniwal.


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Karisma was married for 13 years to businessman Sanjay Kapur. Like Sanjay, Sandeep also handles a business. He is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and has been dating Karisma for quite a few years now, though the duo has kept their relationship a secret.

Toshniwal is also separated from his wife, but his divorce has not been finalised yet, say reports. Rumours of Karisma and Sandeep's engagement were also quite rife after Karisma was seen wearing a big diamond ring in a picture that she posted on her Instagram after Taimur's birth.


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Moving on after a divorce...

Karisma and Sandeep are slowly opening up and they were also spotted at a get-together at Shashi Kapoor's residence this weekend.

Moving on after a divorce can be quite difficult as it does take some time to trust another person and welcome them in your life, especially if you have kids from your first marriage. Here are a few tips that can help:

1.Give yourself time: A relationship takes a toll on you and a stressful one can make or break you as a person. So, give yourself enough time to get over it and do not take any decisions in haste. Try and work through your feelings and don't carry the heavy baggage of your previous relationship to your new life.

2. Love yourself: Many people go through self-rejection after a divorce and conclude that perhaps it was their mistake that led to the break-up. A relationship works both ways and no matter how much effort you put from your side, you should not be the only one responsible to make it work. Remind yourself of how much you love yourself and that your self-respect comes above everything else.

3. Rediscover new interests: Don't let the divorce be the focus of your attention. Reinvent yourself and look for interests or hobbies that you like.  Keep yourself engaged and busy all the time so that negative thoughts do not affect you and your state of mind.

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