Single mum Daaljiet Kaur loses 33 kilos after coming out of an abusive marriage!

Single mum Daaljiet Kaur loses 33 kilos after coming out of an abusive marriage!

Her transformation will surely inspire you!

Television actress Daaljiet Kaur stole many hearts when she played the innocent and doting sister Anjali in the popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. But she soon quit acting to focus on a more important role; that of being a new mother.

From the outside it looked as though her life couldn't be more perfect. She was married to her Kulvaddhu co-star Shaleen Bhanot and had just given birth to baby Shaarav.

Everything seemed perfect, except in reality it was not.

Just a few years into motherhood, the once super popular actress was back in the news for being a victim of domestic violence.

Kaur endured a six-year ordeal

She opened up about her abusive marriage to Bhanot and said, "It was the most difficult phase of my life. I feel every experience good or bad teaches you something. I have learnt a lot from my bad experiences."

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However, she added that she was willing to co-exist with her husband if he wanted to for the sake of their son.

"If Shaleen can be a good father to him and can contribute in my son’s upbringing and towards his happiness, I am content. I want my son to grow-up as a happy person. For that if Shaleen wants to meet him for a minute or 10 hours I have no problem. I am ready to co-exist," said the single mum.

Daaljiet lost 33 kilos in a few months

Now after two years of that 'bad phase,' it seems that single mum Daaljiet Kaur has finally taken complete control if her life.

The actress who is currently seen on the show Kaala Teeka has undergone a drastic transformation and lost a whopping 33 kilos in just a few months.

The actress recently posed for a photoshoot and the pictures are proof that Kaur is not only happy but is in the best phase of her life.

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Speaking to a leading entertainment daily Kaur explained exactly why she lost oodles of weight post her abusive marriage.

"I have promised  myself to look better and better every day and I’ll be able to compliment myself in a couple of more months, it’s work in progress. I had touched about 86 kgs and now I am 53 kgs… I was fat and ugly and I was not happy when I looked at myself. For me, this makeover is for myself I am not doing it for anyone else. If that gives me benefits in my work then that would be great," said the actress who even posed with her three-year-old son, Shaarav.

How did Kaur lose weight?

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The actress also dished out exact details of the regiment she followed and how she lost the weight.

"I did a lot of gymming  and followed strict diet regime. I still follow the diet and it has become my lifestyle which I did not follow earlier. I don’t eat maida (white flour), fried food or junk food. If I want to have tea, I have it with jaggery instead of sugar. So there’s a substitute for everything in my life now. Overall, it’s a transformation of the entire lifestyle," she explained.

Well, Kaur is certainly an inspiration to many women. Not just for her dramatic transformation, but also in the way she took charge of her life and brought it right back on track!

Taking inspiration from her, all those new mums who may be struggling to lose weight can do just a few more things (apart from those suggested by Kaur) that can help with quick weight loss.

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3 simple ways to lose weight easily

  • Change your food habits: Apart from kicking out junk food and fried small eats from your diet, make sure to incorporate healthy foods in your diet. If you are trying to lose weight decrease foods that contain carbohydrates and fats and include those that contain proteins and calcium, as well as iron so you have the energy to exercise and hit the gym.
  • Alternate between exercises: A person who has just started to exercise may easily get bored or lose interested unless you incorporate different types of exercises in your routine. So if one day you are sticking to cardio, the next day you can add yoga or pilates to your routine.
  • Be as regular as possible: It's easy to give in and give up, but it's quite difficult to keep at one thing regularly. If you are truly motivated to get healthy and reclaim your body which may have been abused due to bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, there is no better time than now and no better way that to be regular.

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