I am more of a mother than a father to my babies: Karan Johar

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The newest single dad in B-town says that he doesn't need a mother to take care of his twins.

Karan Johar is presently on cloud 9 with the arrival of his bundles of joy, Roohi and Yash, his twin children. The 44-year-old producer- director took this rather bold step of fathering children through surrogacy and raising them as a single parent.

In one of his latest interviews, he opened up about his plans for his little angels and how he is more of a mother to his babies than a father.

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At a recently concluded media conclave, Karan said that he does not need a mother to take care of his babies.

"I am the mother of my children. I am more of a mother than I am a father," he said.

Talking about seeing his babies for the first time, Karan described it to be the most surreal overwhelming feeling. He explained that he didn’t want to have a baby to continue his lineage but because he has an innate sense of nurturing.

“My need to have children was because of my sense of nurturing. I wanted to channelize the love within me. And there was a deep amount of loneliness, I felt there was a vacuum that is now filled by my children,” he said adding that he would support both his kids to become whatever they choose to be.

Before Karan Johar, actor Tusshar Kapoor also opted to be a single father through surrogacy and it won’t be a surprise if this stream of thought soon trickled down into the public even, with more and more men choosing to be single parents.

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Such changing trends only suggest that as a society we are going through a major transformation.

Parenting as such is a great responsibility that can make or break tender lives. In addition to the regular parenting hassles, single parents face many other problems while fostering their joy bundles. Furthermore, the outlook of Indian society towards unwedded single parents is still not inclusive and they face difficulties on each step and every level.

Here are some of the important challenges in single parenting and ways to overcome them…

1. Social stigmatization: Unmarried single parents still face being shamed and find themselves in unpleasant situations with friends and family. Such men and women should stand tall and firm instead of getting bogged down by the constant criticism. When you, as a parent are emotionally and mentally strong, you will send a positive message to your child about his or her existence.

2. Being both, a mother and father at the same time: Something that single parents definitely need to emotionally prepare for is to give your child the love of both a nurturer and a provider. Engaging with parents of both sexes will allow you to understand how they are managing their responsibilities as mother or father. You can also take help in handling your child by speaking about your problems to your friends of opposite sex.

3. Balancing work and personal life: Most single parents need to work to support their child and themselves. Some times, they may even have old parents to care for. In such situations, it can get quite hectic while managing both work and family life. Planning everything well in advance can be of great help at these times. If you have your parents, you can request them to step in, in the case of emergencies. Making your child independent since childhood can also be extremely helpful as the child grows up.

4. Taking care of finances: Single parents don’t really have another source of income apart from their earnings. It is really important to plan for your and your child’s future. Insuring yourself is also an important step that single parents must take.

5. Supporting your child for his or her emotional development: Emotional health of the child is an equally important factor as your little one begins to grow up. He or she may be faced with several questions about having only one parent. The confused mind must be calmed and soothed with a lot of patience. As a parent, you need to be emotionally and mentally stable to do so.

Surrogacy has definitely brought happiness to many childless couples and even single men and women who had no hope to have children. Advancement in the medical field has exposed us to an avenue of possibilities and we must make most of it, albeit with the necessary care and caution.

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