Singer Raageshwari Loomba finally shares the secret of her smooth delivery

Singer Raageshwari Loomba finally shares the secret of her smooth delivery

Popular singer Raageshwari Loomba, posted a picture on Facebook to share the secret of her smooth delivery and she is thanking a very special lady

Singer Raageshwari Loomba, who gave birth to a girl on February 25, 2016, in London, has finally opened up about her pregnancy and the biggest reason behind her smooth delivery.

In her recent Facebook post, Loomba, shared that the secret for her smooth delivery was actually the support of her mother. She even thanked her for helping her 'cruise' through it.

"A Real Woman empowers other Women and other Men !! This is for our beautiful mothers. My momma Vera has no jewels, not more than 9 sarees or salwar kameezes but she has unlimited resources of energy to serve, love and heal. The dedicated serene pillar in my life and in the life of Brinda Loomba, Rishabh Singh Loomba & Trilok Singh Loomba. Deepest gratitude to her for cruising with me through my pregnancy and delivery. For inspiring me to always 'Keep it simple' and to always 'be the smiling wife and mum'. Salutations to every mother out there. It's time to go and give your mom a big kiss and the longest hug ! xo #Happyrealwmensday," she wrote.

Loomba, who is popularly known for her pop songs including Duniya and Y2K, and her television stints with Bigg Boss 5, Ek Do Teen and Kuch Kehti Hai Ye Dhun; is married to Sudhanshu Swaroop, a London-based barrister. He is known for his work on environmental and human rights issues around the world, including in India, Afghanistan, Colombia, Syria and Darfur.

In fact, the couple was elated by the news of the pregnancy, because Raageshwari was able to conceive naturally and healthy at the age of 40.

In an interview to a leading national daily, she said, “I’m pregnant at 40 and naturally. So I want every woman out there to have faith, belief and love for their bodies, if they ever feel the clock is ticking. It is our greatest wish that every couple wishing to conceive, is blessed with a baby."

What a lovely way to wrap up Women's Day celebration!

(Image courtesy: Facebook)

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