Singer Ankit Tiwari is marrying a girl his dadi met on a train to Kanpur!

Singer Ankit Tiwari is marrying a girl his dadi met on a train to Kanpur!

After Neil Nitin Mukesh, singer Ankit Tiwari is also going for the arranged marriage way.

It's actually hard-to-believe that arranged marriages are still an option that people are considering today. After actor Neil Nitin Mukesh, singer Ankit Tiwari is also going for the arranged marriage way.

The singer, known for his famous songs Sunn Raha Hai Na and Galliyyan, is getting married on February 23. Of course, it is an arranged match for him but the story is quite interesting. The girl, Pallavi Shukla, is a mechanical engineer from Bangalore.

It's an arranged match for singer Ankit Tiwari

Brother is brother not a joke. #ankurtiwari #brotherhoodentertainment ??

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Interestingly, Ankit Tiwari's dadi met Pallavi on a  train journey and she was majorly impressed by her. In fact, the two hit it off on the train journey from Kanpur to Delhi in December. That meeting was enough for Ankit's dadi to be sure that this was the girl for her pota.

Pallavi and Ankit would get engaged on February 20 and a typical north Indian Shaadi would take place on February 23 in the singer's hometown Kanpur. The reception would take place on Feb 26 in Mumbai. The Tiwaris are finally happy that Ankit "who has no time for love" will finally have someone to take care of him.

However, the celebrations would be cut mid-way as Ankit has his tours lines up for later this month.

“Usually weddings in our family last 10-12 days, but Ankit doesn’t have the time. His shows are booked months in advance and we worked on his dates,” Ankit’s older brother Ankur told the Mumbai Mirror.

"Pallavi is a simple and sweet girl..."

Pallavi's pic has not been shared with the media as Ankit's in-laws are a little conservative. Ankit says that Pallavi is a simple and sweet girl.

“Once dadi announced that Pallavi would be the family’s daughter-in-law, everyone agreed. I’m happy that the family is happy and a little nervous too. She is a very sweet and simple girl. During our first meeting, there were 10 others seated between us,” he told the Mumbai tabloid.

It is indeed surprising that Ankit Tiwari is going for an arranged marriage, despite being so famous. Arranged marriages can sometimes turn out to be better than love marriages. Here's why:

1. Brings the two families closer: As everything happens by the consent of both families, an arranged marriage paves way for greater bonding between families and leads to harmony at home.

2. Couples look forward to the change: Since both the girl and the boy don't know each other before they actually get married, the couple gives their best shot to adapt to the changes that come with the marriage without any expectations.

3. Greater compatibility with in-laws: As the match is decided by the parents, there is a greater chance that both the girl and the boy have a better relationship with the in-laws, which is an essential criteria for having harmony at home, especially in joint families.

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