10 Signs that show you've got the perfect husband!

10 Signs that show you've got the perfect husband!

Does your husband fit the description of a perfect husband? Read more to find out!

1. He tells you "I love you" every chance he gets

Obviously, if you have a husband that constantly showers you with affection, and frequent "I-love-yous," then you've hit the jackpot! Now, it might be the case that your husband isn't the vocal type, but if he always finds a way to show you that he loves you, maybe through a note or a small gift, or even a hug, then that's just as amazing!

2. He's close with his mother, and yours

If your husband is close with his own mother, as well as yours, then you know you've got a great catch! He's someone that respects women, and knows that mothers are very important people in his life.

Any man who loves and respects mothers is surely someone that you'll be glad to be with.

3. Even if you're married, he still flirts with you

Romance shouldn't end once you get married, and if you find that your husband still flirts with you every so often, even years after you're married, then you know he's still madly in love with you!

You've got an amazing husband, and be proud that you have someone like him in your life.

4. You're the most important person in his life

If he constantly tells you and makes you feel that you're number 1 in his life, then you got a perfect husband!

He constantly prioritizes you over everything, and always considers how you'll feel about something before he makes a decision. He also wants you to be a part of his life and his interests, and makes it a point to always spend time with you.

5. He makes everything fun

If your husband can make something as mundane and tedious such as spring cleaning fun, then you've got a keeper!

He always finds a way to make you happy, and make you smile, and doing everything with him just makes things better!

6. He constantly pushes you to follow your dreams

If your husband understands that you also have dreams and aspirations outside the marriage, and constantly pushes you to pursue those dreams, then you know you have someone that will always support your endeavors.

He understands that your success and achievements are also his, and he's very happy to see you succeed and make your dreams come true! Of course, he's one of those dreams that already came true!

7. He provides you comfort

Whenever you're feeling sad or down, your husband constantly does everything in order to make you happy. Heck, if just being with your husband makes you feel comfort and warmth, then you know your husband truly is 'the one'.

Make sure to return the favor, and make him feel happy, and comfort him whenever he feels down and out.

8. He always does his best

He constantly works hard to support your family, and he never does anything halfheartedly. If your husband always does his best in everything he does, then you know that he's also doing his best in your marriage, and wants your relationship to always be the best.

9. He always finds a way to surprise you

If your husband surprises you with little trinkets, small notes, and amazing gifts, even if there's no occasion, then you have a perfect husband! He always wants to mix things up, and wants to always make you feel loved and special, no matter what.

10. He constantly gives you compliments

If he's the type of husband that always makes you feel good, even if you don't think you're looking your best, then he's a perfect husband!

Constantly giving you compliments means that he always sees just how beautiful you are, even on your worst days. And no matter what happens, you'll always be the most beautiful woman in the world!

Source: familyshare.com

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