The other not-so-common signs of early pregnancy that no one talks about

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An NYC couple got the biggest surprise of their lives when the wife’s FitBit data showed an elevated heart rate, a not-so-common sign of early pregnancy

An NYC couple got the biggest surprise of their lives when the wife’s Fitbit data revealed that she was pregnant. Here’s how it all started.

The husband, David, told Buzzfeed that he got Fitbit this Christmas, as he wanted to get back in shape in the year 2016. He also came to know that Fitbit users had a forum on Reddit where they share their experiences and also ask questions to each other, which is why he used to write comments and even ask questions. “People were really cool,” he told Buzzfeed news.

How Fitbit pointed to the pregnancy

Inspired by David, his wife Ivonne also started using Fitbit, but strangely noticed that the device was recording her resting heart rate wrongly and was quoting it very high, sometimes as high as 110 beats per minute. Which is when David stepped in and posted on Reddit saying that there was something wrong with her wife’s Fitbit tracker.

While there were many responses that he received, one response caught his attention. The person asked if his wife Ivonne was pregnant, which is when the heart rate of a woman goes up.

Which is when his wife took a pregnancy test, which came back positive. Needless to say the couple are thrilled to bits as they had been trying for a baby for a long time. “We were both obviously very surprised and very happy,” he said.

The other not-so-known-signs of pregnancy

While David and his wife Ivonne came to know about their pregnancy through an elevated heart rate, there are many other signs of pregnancy that no one talks about. Here we talk about a few of them.

#1.     Gas


Yes, that’s a very common, sign of pregnancy that happens to almost every woman but they don’t realize it. The reason--the hormonal upheavals that your body is going through!

#2.    Metallic taste in mouth


Many woman also feel that they have a metallic taste in their mouth, a condition called dysgeusia, which could be due to nausea that lead to the stomach acids being coughed up in the mouth. The increased levels of the hormone oestrogen could also be the culprit in this case.

Read on to know other weird and uncommon signs of early pregnancy!

#3.     Increase in Snort/Mucus


Pregnancy also causes an increase in the production of mucus in the body, which could lead to a stuffy nose, a wet cough and even congestion.

#4. Excessive Itching:


Many woman also experience excessive itching around the breasts, belly area and even throughout the body. However, sometimes increased itching can lead to a condition called obstetric cholestasis, which could be life-threatening if not treated on time.

5.     A general feeling of fullness:



Many pregnant woman also experience a feeling of general fullness, like what you experience right before a period, which would be difficult for first-time mothers to spot.

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