Having a shy child can actually be a good thing! Here's why

Having a shy child can actually be a good thing! Here's why

Is your child reserved and bashful? Don't worry because they have admirable traits that often go unnoticed. Find out more, here.

As parents, you have surely come across tons of advice about how to raise your kids to be self-sufficient, confident, and outgoing. Society often favors the extroverts, the ones who speak their mind and aren't afraid to speak up in a crowd. Though these are admirable traits, these aren't the only important qualities kids should have.

If you have a shy child, don't worry so much. There are times when it can actually be a good thing!

They are observant

Being bashful tends to make a child more attuned to their environment and other people. They are good listeners and they tend to learn more simply by watching how it's done and paying close attention.

They are sensitive

Shy children tend to be more cautious. Though reserved, they have the ability to be attuned to potential threats to their environment.

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They can be more likeable

Though their shyness can get in the way of them initiating social interaction, they tend to be less threatening and perceived in a more positive light by other kids.

Do parents need to correct shyness?

Of course, there are downsides to having a shy child. Though they tend to get along with others, they also often avoid social interaction. This can hamper their social and communicative development. Since shy kids are often misunderstood, this tends to lead to bad experiences when playing with other kids.

Most people will outgrow childhood shyness. It is not a disorder to be corrected, but it requires extra patience from parents as well as a renewed perspective. Shyness does not mean your child is slow or that they will never blossom into well-adjusted adults. It simply means they need more time than others.

Moms and dads, don't worry if you're child is bashful and reserved! Continue to encourage them and remind them that being extroverted isn't the only trait worth celebrating. In time, they will be able to grow to be more confident because they know you're by their side at every stage of their life.

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Bianchi Mendoza

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