Shweta Tiwari's son Reyansh turned one and this is HOW she celebrated his first birthday!

Shweta Tiwari's son Reyansh turned one and this is HOW she celebrated his first birthday!

his beautiful gesture for her son would ensure that he has well-rounded personality

Shweta Tiwari's son Reyansh turned one last week and needless to say that mum Shweta is marking the occasion in the most memorable way.

While the telly mum has been giving us glimpses of her adorable baby on social media every now and then what she shared on her baby's first birthday will strike a chord with every mother.

Shweta Tiwari's son Reyansh turns one

In an extremely thoughtful way, Shweta has promised that she would visit a new place with her son every year on his birthday.

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This beautiful gesture for her son would ensure that he can count the number of places he has visited simply by his age.

This year, Shweta chose the auspicious destination of Vaishno Devi to celebrate her son's birthday. We are sure the goddess would have blessed the little baby with all the bounties.

The television star took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message for her son that she shared with all her fans.

She wrote: "I've decided on each birthday I'll take you to a new place, city or country so you can count the number of places you've visited through your age. I figured this way your currently fragile mind will have so many more dreams and moreover unique dreams to want to pursue because my sweetheart your mom has travelling covered."

The beaming mum also wrote:“Happy One year to my whole soul, my son, my happiness, to you Reyansh. (I know I’m excruciatingly late but where we celebrated his birthday didn’t have a constant flow of network) Reyansh, my life felt absolutely idyllic and complete until you came along. Because it was only after you that I realised how much I craved you and how much my life craved you. I’ve always found it amusing how such a small baby can fill out such enormous places in a family’s household. You’ve become our life Reyansh.”

Shweta's resolve gives goals to all mums out there. According to child experts showing new places to children is highly informational and various researches have pointed out that kids who are well travelled have a better-rounded personality.

Here's why you should travel with your kids just as Shweta Tiwari plans to

1.Develops their brain: Children are often stimulated by their surroundings even if they may be too young to appreciate it.

A new place, new faces and new experiences develop a tiny brain much more than showing them the same repeat routine every day.

2.Makes them learn and unlearn: You will think that it is a contradictory statement. But the truth is that new experiences not only make children see new things but also moves them out their comfort zone and they learn vital life lessons.

Away from the comfort of their home they also understand how to adjust to new surroundings and places. This is a skill that will help them in the long run.

3.Opens their vistas: Various studies have proved that kids who travel with their parents have brains that develop better.

It has a three-dimensional benefit than that of reading a book. While it is important to read to your kids it is also important to show them new places every once in a while and also talk to them about the places they go to.

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