Shweta Tiwari Kohli quashes divorce rumours with a super gorgeous family picture

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But after months of speculation, Shweta Tiwari Kohli has put a full stop to all those rumours by one photo. Yes, that's right.

We all were in for a shock when the divorce rumours of Shweta Tiwari Kohli with second husband Abhinav Kohli started surfacing. The whole telly world couldn't believe that marriage was indeed proving to be second time unlucky for Shweta.

But after months of speculation, Shweta Tiwari Kohli has put a full stop to all those rumours by one photo. Yes, that's right.

Shweta Tiwari Kohli quashes rumours of a divorce

The photo was shared by Abhinav Kohli with the caption: "Together we stand." The gorgeous picture has the family posing together with Palak, Shweta's elder daughter from her previous marriage. Little Reyansh, who's just turned one, is also seen posing in sister Palak's lap.

Just last month Mumbai was abuzz with rumours of Shweta Tiwari Kolhi and Abhinav Kohli parting ways. The reason was being quoted as Shweta's humungous fan following and popularity.

"They are having a lot of opinion clashes about Abhinav's career and Shweta's success as an actress,"  says a report in the Times of India.


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If Shweta's success is the reason for the differences, then it must be noted here that that's what something Raja Chaudhary, Shweta's ex-husband, also had a problem dealing with.

However, the couple had chosen to remain silent about the matter. Now, with this picture, we must say that in a way they have spoken and how.

It is indeed good news that there was no truth in those rumours as Shweta has finally found what she was always looking for-- a perfect family. Shweta had stated that Palak, her elder daughter with Raja Chaudhary, is quite fond of her stepfather Abhinav Kohli.

"Marrying Abhinav was not an easy decision. Just two-three months before the marriage, I was like karoon, nahi karoon. But then I started seeing our whole journey again and I saw that my daughter was quite close to Abhinav. Palak feels that Abhinav understands her better than me," she spoke in an interview to a  daily.

Shweta also confessed that she married Abhinav as she felt that he would be a perfect dad for Palak.

First-time jab shaadi karte hain toh itni sochne ki zaroorat nahi padti, lekin jab aap second time shaadi karte hain, and that too when you have a daughter, you have to think and re-think. This time when I was getting married, more than a husband for myself, I was looking for a father for Palak. And yes, Abhinav became Palak's father first and my husband later," she added.

We're so happy that all's well between the two and the family is together.

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