Shweta Tiwari Kohli just shared the CUTEST picture of her baby boy Reyansh!

Shweta Tiwari Kohli just shared the CUTEST picture of her baby boy Reyansh!

We can't stop falling in love with it!

Shweta Tiwari Kohli is the second most talked about new mum, of course, after our very own Kareena Kapoor Khan. The new mother has amazed one and all by not only having a smooth pregnancy at the age of 37, but also bouncing back to normal days after her delivery.

Shweta's timeline is full of recent pics of hers where she is seeing flaunting new jewellery and clothes that she keeps on buying. Perhaps she is enjoying her time off as a new mother. Don't believe us? Check out the picture yourself!


Jewellery ???????????????? Thank you @sataara19 ????PC @mattyadav

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Shweta's son, who she has named Reyansh Kohli, was born on November 27, 2016, and it looks like the family has been enjoying this time all this while. Shweta already has a teenage daughter, Palak, from her first marriage with Raja Chaudhary.

Since the birth of their son both Shweta and Abhinav have been sharing candid pictures with little Reyansh, who's just over a month old now. On Monday, Shweta shared for the first time shared the picture of her baby in her daddy's arms. She also gave a beautiful caption to the post.

"You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart," she wrote along with this amazing picture of the father and the son.

We can't help but wonder who Shweta is referring to in the message- is it for Reyansh or for Abhinav?

Continue reading on the next page to know why it is important for new dads to spend time with their babies!

We think it's for both as both have surely given a new meaning to her life. Abhinav has also shown that he is being quite a hands-on dad but he maintained that he would leave the baby with his mother for the first few months as she is the expert between the two of them.

Little Us time...❤

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“The baby is very small and she is keeping him close. Shweta is one protective mom. I am not sure how much time I will be allowed with him for the first few weeks. Let us grow a little older, then I will also get close to him. For the first few years, it will only be mamma for him (sighs),” he told a leading daily.

While we surely agree that infants need their mothers in the initial first months, there are many ways in which new dads can help out new mothers, even if it is their second baby. Here are a few useful tips to consider:

1. Help her catch up on her sleep: Both of you will be plenty tired, but giving birth itself is quite exhausting for a new mother. Besides, she will now be breastfeeding as well. Let her rest and recover. Take care of your baby when your wife is tired and let her take a few breaks in between when the baby is sleeping. This will help her be in better spirits, helping her become a better mother and partner.

2. Carry your baby, when you're around: Spending quality time with your baby is incredibly important for new dads. Especially if you aren't able to take time off from work. Try carrying your baby along with you whenever you step out for chores or just take a stroll with the baby. Mumma will also get some time off!

3. Take paternity leave: While it's not possible to stay at home with your baby for a long time, try and take a few days off post delivery to spend time with your baby as well as boost the spirit of your wife, who's having a hard time dealing with all the bodily changes.

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