Shweta Nanda FINALLY reveals daughter Navya's unexpected career choice!

Shweta Nanda FINALLY reveals daughter Navya's unexpected career choice!

Mum Shweta Bachchan Nanda has some inhibitions about her father's industry and that's why she is happy about daughter Navya's unique career choice!

For two generations, the Bachchans have managed to keep their famous family name relevant. The legacy that began with Amitabh and Jaya was carried forward by their son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya. And while all the prominent Bachchan family members are in the movie industry, there is one that got away- Shweta Nanda.

Married at an early age, Shweta Nanda became a homemaker and raised her two kids in Delhi. And since she did not pursue a career as such, she does want her daughter to make a name for herself.

Navya's career is already decided!

Interestingly, while many suspected that Navya Naveli Nanda will also join the bandwagon of all the star kids who are making a bee line to join the film industry, Shweta has different plans for her daughter.

And her career seems to have already been charted.

During her interview with Vogue, Navya herself that she will not be joining the movie business unlike other star kids. "No way," she said. To which mum Shweta Nanda explained the reason (one that stems from her own unwillingness to make Navya a movie star).

"It’s not an easy world to be in", says Shweta Nanda

Mum Shweta explains why. “I really try to tell her about all the cons… I have nothing against the industry—it’s who we are—but it’s not an easy world to be in,” she shared.

So what exactly is Navya doing with her life?

Well, the bright young girl who is a communications major has so far shown no interest in joining either of the family businesses. For the uninitiated, Navya's father Nikhil Nanda is the managing director of Escorts Group and her nana's side of the family is as we all know, in the movie business.

Navya is currently based in New York

Navya has followed in the footsteps of her mum and is based for further studies in a New York university and her interest in advertising.

She is currently in India, not just to attend fashionable award shows, but also to intern at the prestigious advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

The young girl who also confessed to be a huge Justin Bieber fan revealed that she is in love with her New York life. “I love the independence,”she told the fashion magazine.

But one thing is clear, mum Shweta is concerned about Navya becoming a movie, in that she doesn't want her to be one. However, she does seem to be open-minded enough to support her daughter's career choices, just as all parents should.

And if you're wondering how to do that, here are a few ways to support your child's passion.

3 ways to nurture and support your child's passion

  • Understand your child's unique interests: The most way to let your child follow his or her dreams is to first understand their dreams and their unique interests. Instead of doing what everybody else is doing, get to know your child better and don't force them to participate in the race of life.
  • Let them think outside the box: We often categorise out kids and force them into organised sports and activities, but sometimes passion lies in the most unlikely of places. Let them explore their interests that may include painting or stitching as opposed to cricket or something else.
  • Nurture optimism: Encourage your kids to get up after they fail and nurture optimism in them. Remember that optimistic children have the tendency to pick up after themselves and learn from their failures and we need kids who can learn from their mistakes in order to make a better world.

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