Shweta Nanda's ode to papa Bachchan will touch your heart

Shweta Nanda's ode to papa Bachchan will touch your heart

She calls him a prolific adaptor and someone who defies cool. Read on to know what Shweta Bachchan Nanda has to say to the Big B of her life

shweta bachchan nanda

Shweta Bachchan Nanda wrote an ode for Amitabh’s 73rd birthday

Fame comes with a price. The price is to constantly be on a pinnacle and shine. The good and the bad? Even the kids of the ‘famous’ aren’t spared, especially when it is about the Bachchans.

So when Shweta Bachchan Nanda thought about thanking and appreciating her father, the best she could do was write an ode to him. And we tell you, it has been beautifully done.

The ode shared with Vogue India is a measured statement of love, where she talks about her father’s secret to success—in both reel and real life. She calls him a prolific adaptor, a living legend. ‘He’s a thinking man’s James Bond, without the braggadocio,’ she says.

‘He is now 73. His popularity has stood the test of time—many smear campaigns, a brief encounter with politics (which he regrets until this day), a near-fatal accident, a greying goatee, and a change of address. His arena of work is like a gladiator’s pit; it’s you against the beasts, and if you manage to end the day alive then glory is yoursThe only caveat is that you have to get back in the pit and get ready to fight, to prove yourself yet again, another day,’ she writes further.

Besides a plethora of old pictures, Shweta also pens down reasons why Amitabh is what he is today. Excerpt from her ode:

  • Because when he couldn’t dance to their tune, he ensured they learnt to dance to his.
  • Because all his notes are hand-written.
  • Because you can dress him in anything and he carries it off.
  • Because during the Gulf War, his name was enough to grant stranded Indians passage through Egypt (he still has their letters of thanks).
  • Because he helped eradicate polio in India.
  • Because on his 70th birthday, he danced till six in the morning, without stopping once.
  • Because when Louboutin sends him shoes, he addresses them “To God”.
  • Because he is the first Bachchan in the world (it was his father’s nom de plume, and when he was born he was the first person to take it as his surname).
  • And finally, because the queue starts from where he stands.

And we can’t agree less!

Feature image courtesy: dailybhaskar 

What do you think about Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s ode to her father? Let us know in our Comment box below.

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