Shouting at children: Why it's so bad for them

Shouting at children: Why it's so bad for them

For a lot of parents, shouting sometimes becomes a way for them to discipline their child, or a way to get their kids to do what they tell them to. However, there's an important reason why you should never ever yell at your child.

Shouting at children: Why you should never do it

Shouting at your child when they do something wrong, or whenever you're frustrated with their behavior can always feel so tempting, as it's an easy way to get your child to listen to you, or do what you want.

However, you should never yell at your child because it makes your child scared of you.

Shouting makes your child feel afraid, and instead of following what you say because they respect you and don't want to make you feel bad, they instead do what you want them to do because they're terrified. And you most definitely don't want your kids to be constantly scared of you.

Respect is lost when you start shouting at children

When you yell, you start to lose control of the situation. This makes your child also feel that you're a person that they can't trust, since you can't keep your composure, which is why you start to lose your child's respect when things turn into a shouting match between you and your kid.

It's important to be compassionate when it comes to dealing with your child. Being an understanding and loving parent, instead of a parent that uses fear to control their child can help your child grow up to be an understanding, compassionate, and loving adult.

Your kids are like a sponge; any negativity or positivity you put out will be absorbed by your kids, and those will be the lessons and values that they learn from you. Which is why practicing patience, and being understanding when your kids commit mistakes can help them grow up to be well-disciplined and respectful adults.

Respect begets respect, so in order for your kids to respect your authority, you also need to respect them as a person.

*This article first appeared on theAsianparent Philippines


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Jan Alwyn

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