Shocking video shows Mumbai man openly sexually abusing minor girl at a bus stop!

Shocking video shows Mumbai man openly sexually abusing minor girl at a bus stop!

This would give you goosebumps!

Ask any parent about their biggest parental fear and we bet they'd say sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is rampant in India, but the bitter truth is that many such incidents go unreported or have no evidence to proof the heinous crime.

Another fact is that most sufferers of child sexual abuse happen to be street kids who don't even come to know what's happening to them and many-a-times fall prey to it.

One video from Mumbai, that we chanced upon the internet today, shows how vulnerable street kids are to this menace and how they can be abused by literally anyone on the street. The video shows a man waiting at the bus stop on what looks like a busy Mumbai street.

The video was recorded at the morning rush hour which is quite evident in the video as you can see many buses and vehicles passing by. You can also see quite a few people waiting at the bus stop. Some even look at him but choose to turn away.

However, what caught the attention of the videographer was this man and how he was trying to get the attention of this little girl who was sitting next to him. Suspecting something sheepish he decided to take the video and as is evident in the video the man indeed had some sick intentions in his mind. At one point he even tries to grab the girl with his hands.

One can only imagine what this man would have done had he been at a deserted street or if he had met the girl in the dark. If he has the guts to do something in broad daylight, we can only imagine what he could have done at other times.

We urge you to share this video as much as you can to help identify this man and also stopping him and many such other men like him from doing this again.

Child sexual abuse in India

The Childline India foundation says that sexually abusive acts against children encompass a range of behaviours and include the following as non-contact abuse or unsafe actions:

  • Following or stalking a child using sexually suggestive language with the child that includes lewd comments about the child or her/his body parts
  • Showing the child pornographic material
  • Watching the child undress, bathe, urinate or defecate or forcing the child to do all this in the presence of the adult
  • Masturbating in front of the child, exhibiting one's genitals in front of the child or asking the child to do the same
  • Contact abuse or "Unsafe Touch" includes touching, fondling, caressing, kissing the child's body parts including her/his genitals
  • Having the child touch, caress, fondle, kiss the body parts or genitals of the adult.
  • Masturbating the child, inserting finger, tongue, penis or any other object in the child's mouth, vagina or anus.
  • Forced sexual intercourse or rape that includes both vaginal and or anal penetration.

If you happen to see a child in distress like the one in the above video, feel free to contact Childline India at 1098, which is a toll-free number to reach out to child activists, who would immediately come to the child's rescue.

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