Shocking! Newborn dies in labour room as nurse leaves mother unattended

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Reason—the nurse's shift was over!

In a sheer case of negligence, a newborn baby died minutes after his birth as the nurse attending the mother and baby refused to stay beyond her shift hours.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening at a hospital in Mainpuri in Delhi. The baby apparently fell into a bucket of water in the labour room when the nurse failed to attend to the delivering mother as her duty hours were over.

News reports say that the baby was born at 8.05 pm and the nurse(Saroj) left as her shift was over 5 minutes earlier, refusing to consider the plight of the new mother, Shivani Srivastava (27), who was still lying on the delivery table.

Sources said Saroj had finished attending to another woman who had delivered a baby little earlier but decided not to attend to Shivani as her duty time had ended.

Susheela Sharma, the other nurse who was to replace Saroj, arrived a little late, but by that time Shivani had already delivered the baby boy, who fell into the bucket kept close to delivery table for collecting placenta and umbilical cord, and died.

The family was shocked at the sheer negligence of the nurse and the hospital.

"All the excitement of having the first baby in the family had turned into a saddening affair and both my brother and sister-in-law are in a state of shock," said Shivani's brother-in-law, Manish Srivastava.

Shivani was admitted to the hospital at about 1 PM on Sunday and was taken to the labour room around 7.30 PM.

When contacted, chief medical surgeon, Dr Nimmi Begum, admitted to the negligence but claimed that Saroj had not left the labour room.

"The baby came out unexpectedly and before Saroj could react, he fell into the bucket," she said adding that Saroj had been shifted from the labour room to the general ward.

Interestingly, Dr Begum claimed that she couldn't suspend Saroj for the negligence, as they were already short-staffed. She said she would be send a detailed report about the incident to the Chief Medical Officer for further action in that case.


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[News Courtesy: Timesofindia]
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