Shocking! Pregnant Mumbai woman wants her unborn child to die after birth

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"Who wants to kill their own child? It is the hardest decision I had to take. But what option do I have?” said the Mumbai woman

Motherhood is not just a choice, it's also a privilege. But if somebody is forced into bringing a child into this world, when their wish is otherwise, it is cruel on both the mother as well as the 'unwanted' child.

That's precisely what happened to this pregnant Mumbai-based woman, who is now wishing death to her unborn child.

Why this mother wants this baby to die?

The woman who is in her 27th week of pregnancy is stuck between a rock a hard place after the Supreme Court reportedly dismissed the couple's plea to abort the foetus. The couple pleaded that the unborn child has an abnormality or anomaly named Arnold Chiari Type II syndrome.

This anomaly will cause serious underdevelopment of the baby's brain and a distorted spine. Unfortunately, like many major birth defects, this was also detected during the expecting mother's third sonography, "at the end of five months."

Shocking! Pregnant Mumbai woman wants her unborn child to die after birth

Post the test, a private doctor reportedly confirmed the anomaly and was even quoted as saying, "Chances of survival are rare. The baby’s brain is not developed.”

Why the court's want this baby to live?

Since the report of the exam was submitted to the court after the festival of Holi and way past the woman's 24th week of pregnancy, the court has ruled that this pregnancy cannot be aborted as it is against the rule of law.

They observed that there are chances that this baby will survive post delivery. In addition, the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, says that any pregnancy post 20 weeks cannot be aborted, unless said so by the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it seems that the odds are against this couple who did not get an approval from the apex court as well.

Here's what the expecting mother actually feels

Of course, the pregnant woman's reasons for her unborn child's death are not only reasonable but also emotional. Her own 27-year-old brother has the same anomaly since birth and has been left paralysed from the waist below, leaving him in a vegetative state since birth.

While speaking to the media the expecting mother shared her truest emotions and while they are shocking to many, she has also found many sympathisers.

“I can’t see my child bear this pain. I am not sure if I ever want a second pregnancy now,” she told India Today. Her husband also had a similar emotion to share. “My wife could not detect the defect in her pregnancy. But now we have the opportunity to know the defect before birth. Why are we forced to bring such a child into this world?” he said.

Chances of this baby's survival...

The experts who are working on this case suggest that there is zero to negligible chance of the baby's normal survival post his delivery, which is due in June.

The parents also shared that they are now going to write to the Chief Justice of India for permission of the abortion. “Who wants to kill their own child? It is the hardest decision I had to take. But what option do I have?” said the mother.

Now, even though the couple have been left dangling in this situation, it must be noted that a woman can successfully conceive well after her abortion; something that experts argue must be kept in mind.

Conception after abortion is possible

We spoke to Dr Rahul Manchanda, consultant gynae-endoscopic surgeon at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute (PSRI), Delhi, who explained that conception after abortion is quite possible with a few things in mind.

“Conceiving after abortion is quite possible. One must only fear complications if the procedure did not go well and damaged reproductive organs like ovaries or the fallopian tubes,” he explains.

He adds that after a cooling-off period, a woman can try to conceive adding that although a three-month cooling-off period is best for the mother and child, it is possible to conceive almost 7-10 days after the abortion.

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