Shocking! Mother beats daughter and streams it live on Facebook!

Shocking! Mother beats daughter and streams it live on Facebook!

In the video, the mother is seen hitting her daughter with a stick in between harsh words, while the teen cowers in the corner.

One of Facebook’s new features is the “live” option, a useful tool for its users to share content to their followers in real time.

Although the live feature is designed primarily for content creators, one mother found another use for it: to punish her daughter and stream it live.

According to sources, mom Shanavia Miller found out that her daughter Nia Green had shared sexually explicit photos and videos of herself and her boyfriend on social media.

Not only that, Shanavia also learned that her daughter had sex with her boyfriend inside her house.

Livid of her daughter's deed, Shanavia decided to do what she thought was best, using her daughter’s medicine against her and disciplined her in front of her friends and followers.

In the video, the mother is seen hitting her daughter with a stick in between harsh words, while the teen cowers in the corner.

Said a Washington Post report: “As her daughter whimpered in the corner after a four-minute beating, Shanavia Miller held up the camera, fixed her hair and spoke to the people watching on the teen’s Facebook page.”

“This is my page now,” said Shanavia. “Now I’m gonna need y’all to send this viral. Please share this because I’m not done. More to come.”

Containing strong language and graphic images, the video has been viewed thousands of times.

Also, because of the sensitivity of the subject, it sparked debate about online shaming and corporal punishment in the age of social media.

In fact, some of the people who have seen the video are calling for the mother’s arrest.

According to Darnisha Green, a spokeswoman for the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, Shanavia could even be criminally charged, and that a couple of people have already forwarded her the video.

“Our special victims unit looked into the case and officers talked to the mother and daughter,” she said in the Washington Post report. “Although the daughter said she felt safe in the home, the case has been referred to the Department of Family and Children Services.”

Both mother and daughter, after the video went live, addressed the incident using the same Facebook page.

While never defending the video, Nia has said that she shouldn’t have embarrassed her mother:

“First Off I Shouldnt Embarrassed My Moma , I Love Her . Yes this is me . Niaaa . I Shouldnt even been doing what i did. No i didnt have vari in my house when she said not to . I was at his house . Im only 16 yrs old . I was gonna open up and tell her that i was having sex . I was just gonna wait a couple days to see how i was gone tell her . I understand why she did what she did . Everybody laughing and making reenactments . Sharing my pictures im seeing everything. I did go to the hospital only because i have (anxiety) attacks & real bad head ache . I embarrassed my moma so she embarrassed me . Im not defending the live video cas when school start next week all eyes on me . Im at work all eyes on me . I kno next time to just keep my business to myself.”

Meanwhile, Shanavia said that she did it as an act of love.

“I love my daughter with all my heart what ever happens after this o well my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody that s— Bernie Mac !!! Ain’t nothing change she still my baby girl lesson learned now have a blessed day.”

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