Shocking! Bareilly Mother caught on camera mercilessly beating her OWN son!

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Such is the fit of rage of this monster mum that at one point she is seen literally strangling the baby.

While we all know that mothers are like God to their kids, this story for a second would make you change your mind.

A shocking CCTV video, that is currently going viral due to its shocking content, has emerged from the small UP town of Bareilly in which a mother is shown thrashing her little son very very badly.

Such is the fit of rage of this monster mum that at one point she is seen literally strangling the baby. The woman’s husband Deepak Chaturvedi said that he suspected that his wife beats their son badly and his neighbours told him that his little son is heard crying the whole day.

This is when Deepak thought that it would not be a bad idea to install a CCTV camera and see what is it that happens at his home during the day.

Deepak installed CCTV cameras in house and later submitted a police complaint regarding the incident at the DIG’s office.

“I have often noticed swelling and bruises on my child’s body. I tried to know about it from my wife but she used to term them normal accidents. To find the truth, I installed CCTV cameras in my house when she was away,” said Deepak Chaturvedi, who married accused Poonam five years ago, told the Hindustan Times.

“My wife does not consider me as her husband and is a threat to the life of my child. I want her to be put behind bars,” he said.

DIG Ashutosh Kumar said: “I have seen the video and ordered an inquiry into the matter.”

Apparently, Poonam has already left the house and is now living with her parents. Poonam's parents say that Deepak used to harass her for dowry. Whatever is the case, the video shows a very brutal side of a mother and would send chills down your spine. At one point the video also shows a man, who looks like the father, pleading the woman to stop!

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While this video is of course a one off case, there are times when new mothers come under a lot of stress, especially if they are handling the baby all by themselves.

There can also be challenging days when your child is sick or cranky and you can be of no help to the baby, except for comforting him. However, there are ways to handle the situation better and also get that much-needed break. Here are a few tips that might come in handy:

1. Ask for help: You're a new mother and everyone around you knows that you are under a lot of stress. This is why you should never shy away from asking for help, especially if you live in a joint family. This would also give you some time off.

2. Take it easy: Don't try to be a "super mom" and try to do everything perfectly. Remember that you're doing everything for the first time and are bound to make mistakes.

3. Distract yourself: On days when your baby is crankier than usual, try and look for other ways to soothe him. May be put on some nursery rhymes or songs for him to distract him and put his attention on something else.

4. Bond with other new mothers: A good way to feel better and also get some advice from like-minded mothers would be by interacting with other new mums like you. There are plenty of mummy communities on Facebook that can be of help in this matter. If you are not too keen to share your problems on Facebook like many Indian mothers, find out if there are other new mothers like you in your neighbourhood.

5. Seek medical help: Finally, if you feel unusually blue and disconnected with your baby, chances are that you might be suffering from postpartum depression, which, though common in many new mothers, is hardly spoken about in India.

Reports say that postpartum depression (PPD) affects one in every five new mothers in India. What begins as insecurity, usually within 30 days of the baby's birth, rapidly expands to other symptoms that typically include sadness or anxiousness through the day that often worsens in the evening; crying spells; low self-esteem; lethargy and sleeplessness. If you are facing any of these symptoms, we advise you see a doctor soon who can help you come out of it in time.

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