Shocking! Madhubala actor Vivian Dsena and wife Vahbiz Dorabjee part ways!

Shocking! Madhubala actor Vivian Dsena and wife Vahbiz Dorabjee part ways!

The couple has allegedly separated due to incompatibility issues.

Another TV couple is heading for splitsville. While rumours of their separation were circulating for quite some time now, the truth is finally out in the open that Madhubala fame actor Vivian Dsena is parting ways with his wife of three years Vahbiz Dorabjee.


Initially, there were reports that the two are trying to make it work. Vahbiz had even tweeted saying that it is a personal matter and not up for debate.

"It is strictly between Viv & Me. We need our space. Every marriage goes through ups and downs. We are dignified people and please don't make it ugly. I request the media to please stop taking advantage of the situation and cooking up cheap stories," she had said at that time.

Vivian rose to fame with his superhit show Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon in which he starred opposite Dhrashti Dhami. Vahbiz is known for her role of Maggie Kant in Bahu Humari Rajni Kant. The couple met on the sets of Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (PKYEK), and got married in 2013.


The couple has allegedly separated due to incompatibility issues. However, both are being tight-lipped about the matter. Even Vivian spoke to the media and requested everyone to respect their privacy.

"It’s personal, and I would like to keep it personal. We are adults, who are mature and [were] married for more than three years. We are the two best people who can decide what is happening [between us]. The media will speculate and publish reports. But it is we who will decide what is the best [for us]," he said.


But, there were also reports that say that Vivian was not happy with his wife's closeness with a fellow co-actor. There were also reports that suggested that the two are more than just friends.

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Vivian was apparently not happy with Dorabjee’s growing proximity with Vipul Roy and this led to differences between the two. However, Vivian at that said that he likes to keep his personal and professional lives separate and refused to comment on the issue.

"I believe in keeping my personal and professional lives separate. I leave my personal issues at home. I don’t take my work home either. But, at the end of the day, we are all human beings, and it is tough to keep these lives separate all the time. It (personal turmoil) remains with you subconsciously. But that doesn’t mean you let your work get affected," he said.

But, it's finally confirmed that the couple has indeed separated and would be filing for a divorce.

Keeping things amicable after separation

While it really depends on the kind of rift that led to the separation, there are ways in which a couple can make sure that they have a peaceful separation:

1.Keep the emotions out: As far as possible, keep your emotions in control and do not make a hue and cry of every small matter. This would only turn things ugly.

2. Respect each other: No matter how bitter things turn between the two of you respect each other as individuals and always stay in control in front of outsiders.

3. Don't end it on a sad note: You have no doubt spent a considerable amount of time with your partner and for those times sake, stay positive and do not end your relationship on a sad note. If you've loved your partner at some point in time, he deserves at least some love and respect.

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