Shocking! Engineering student commits suicide from plush Mumbai hotel, live streams it on Facebook!

Shocking! Engineering student commits suicide from plush Mumbai hotel, live streams it on Facebook!

Police say that his father was extremely worried for his son after he spoke to him last week.

We are living in the age where social media has become your be all and end all of life. However, with many going to lengths to click a selfie or live stream a particular eventthe perils of social media are many.

And then there are those few who like to give a tutorial on anything new that they have done, but you would have never imagined that you would be one day watching a tutorial on "How To commit Suicide"!

Yes, that's right! In a shocking news story that would make your jaw drop, an engineering student committed suicide from the 19th floor of a plush Mumbai hotel and live streamed it on FaceBook.

What happened?

The 24-year-old student from Bangalore, Arun Bhardwaj, jumped off the 19th floor of Taj Lands End hotel, a popular night spot for the South Mumbai elite.

The hotel authorities say that Bhardwaj entered the hotel at 3 am on Monday and his body was found at the 11th-floor terrace at about 6:30 am in the morning.

In the video that Bhardwaj posted on Facebook (which has been removed due to obvious reasons), he is seen with a bottle of wine and eating his heart out. He is also seen with a cigarette in his hand and is wearing a bathrobe.

In the shocking video, Bhardwaj goes on to give a step-by-step tutorial on how to commit suicide right from leaving notes to loved ones, enjoying the view and the food before you take the plunge and then ends it with a little note: "See you guys on the other side."

Before taking the extreme step, Bhardwaj also posted a picture on his Facebook with the caption: "View to Die For".

Bandra police have reported that Bhardwaj's father was extremely worried for his son after he spoke to him last week and that is why he flew to Mumbai to find out what the matter was.

"His father said that he had sounded disturbed, and he had come down to Mumbai out of concern. He had been staying with a relative in Chembur for the last three days," said Senior PI Pandit Thackeray. Bhardwaj was taken to Bhabha Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Police also say that Bhardwaj had a "fascination for death". "There were lots of sites that he visited that had to do with dying, and "celebrating death". He had evidently come prepared. The notes were addressed to several people, including family members, but were mostly about how death was a celebration, "said a senior police officer.

Mumbai Police also sent a message to youngsters to reach out to them before taking an extreme step like this.

Living away from home...

There are many Indian kids like Bhardwaj who leave their hometown and their families for bigger cities in search for better opportunities. However, at such times parents should always keep a check on their kids and check from time to time to ensure that they're doing fine. Here are a few things parents, who have children staying away from home, must do:

1. Call your children regularly: While kids do not like it sometimes, parents should call their kids every day and not just in times of need. Have friendly conversations with your children so that they open up and do not hide things from you.

2. Visit them as much as you can: Keep visiting your kids from time to time to make them feel loved and special. Help them set up their new place and visit the local neighbourhood to see if they are living in a friendly environment. Talk to their friends and neighbours to see if they have been keeping well.

3. Have a trusted friend or relative watch over them: It's always good to have a trusted friend or relative who can keep a watch on your child and also help him in distress. It would also be good to have a number of a close friend or relative that your child is extremely fond off and check with them in case you smell something fishy.

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