Shocking! Assam school teacher takes obscene pictures with female students

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Without any consequence!

We send our kids to school believing that they are safe with their tutors. But this school teacher has clearly broken that trust and done the unthinkable.

In an act that can best be described as 'shameful,' a school teacher in Assam took obscene pictures with his female students. And to top it all, he then posted them online.

Naturally, this act has received backlash from concerned parents and citizens alike.

In the creepy images that have now gone viral, one can see the teacher reportedly identified as Faizuddin Laskar, posing obscenely and even kissing and groping the young adolescent girls.

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Laksar is a serial offender

The incident took place at Model High School, Katlicherra in Hailakandi district of Assam. According to reports, this man has been identified as a 'serial offender,' which means this is not the first time he has attempted such an act.

He earlier (allegedly) molested a woman and was roughed up by the mob. In fact, a local news channel, DY365 reported that the mob severed one of his fingers as a punishment of his crime.

But is roaming scot-free!

However, no strict action has been taken against him for this inappropriate act.

As soon as he posted these pictures on his Facebook page, the parents of the girl filed a police complaint against him. Laskar was routinely questioned but not arrested.

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This incident has heightened tension in the Hailakandi district of Assam. People are questioning the role of the police in shielding this 'monster' who clearly coaxed the young girls into participating in this photoshoot, which clearly took place in the class.

But the bigger question is: where were the authorities when Laskar was busy taking these horrible peodophile-like pictures? Shouldn't they have done a background check before hiring this man as a teacher?

Either way, one thing is clear, this peodophile and serial offender is not scared of the law. He molested a woman once before and found nothing wrong in groping and taking obscene pictures with young girls, again.

Sadly, this is not the first case of abuse in school.

Every second child is a victim of sexual abuse in India. According to the 2013 statistics shared by the National Crime Records Bureau, of all rapes, 12.5 percent of the total of 3,125 rape victims in India were minors.

Rising cases of child sexual abuse and what parents must do!

This news also highlights the necessity of informing our children about child sexual abuse so they are aware of their surroundings and are able to raise an alarm on time.

As parents, it may not be possible to helicopter your child all the time, and that is why it is all the more important to make them aware. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Notice warning signs of sexual abuse such as frequent injuries
  • Also notice if your child is always on the lookout for somebody or shows signs of fear
  • Keep a tab on any lacerations on the body especially on private parts
  • Notice if your child shows signs of aloofness or is scared of strangers
  • Notice if your child shows aggressiveness and does not want to attend school anymore

All these are signs of sexual abuse and you must keep a tab on them. Read this article to know what you should do if you notice your child being sexually abused.

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