Shocking! 3 Arunachal school teachers force 88 girl students to undress as a punishment!

Two assistant teachers and one junior teacher made sure that they humiliated the students to teach them a lesson in a heinous act

This morning India woke up to another unbelievable news that would put its "progressive" image to shame. 88 female students were punished by three teachers, for using inappropriate words for the head teacher in Itanagar.

Two assistant teachers and one junior teacher made sure that they humiliated the students to teach them a lesson.

This news came to light, only when the students filed an FIR with the local police with the help of the All Sagalee Students Union (ASSU) on 27th November. The incident occurred on 23rd November.



As reported by TOI, Last Thursday, three teachers at a residential school for girls allegedly came across a note with obscene comments about the head teacher and another student.

It was being passed circulated among the students of classes VI and VII. They sought an explanation but when none was forthcoming, they allegedly made all 88 students from the two classes undress in front of other students, said All Papum Pare District Students' Union.

"The officer-in-charge of the (women) police station said the victims and their parents along with the teachers will be interrogated before registering a case," Amo said as reported by Huffington Post.

None of the teachers spoke to the parents of the students before they took this drastic step. The Union has condemned this act and also acknowledged that this kind of act was illegal and against the constitution.

The party does also address to a bigger issue, about how to discipline a student. Though it may be true that the kids have written vulgar words, undressing wasn't the correct way to teach them a lesson. This is a violation of child rights and almost a child abuse!

There are a few things that parents must always keep in mind and avoid doing to punish their kids, that can cause irreversible emotional damage to them.

1) Locking in a dark room

What you become as a grown-up individual has a lot to do with your childhood. As a parent, you would clearly know what scares the hell out of your child, but to discipline, irreversible fears should be avoided, like locking them in a dark room.

2) Starving them

Anger should be never taken out on food. You may disconnect the television or refrain them from playing, but they must always be well fed.

3) Using abusive language

Did you know, the worse parts of your personality or habit is most quickly picked by your little one? Avoid using any inappropriate language in front of them. It not only scars them mentally but also they, in turn, behave similarly after growing up.

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