Shocking! 3-year-old girl sexually assaulted at a private Gurugram school

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Another innocent girl became the victim of sexual abuse when she was assaulted inside the 'safe' premises of her own school in Gurugram

If you thought your kids are safe in school, you might want to think again.

In a horrifying incident that has yet again questioned the safety of young children in the nation, a three-year-old girl was reportedly raped inside a private school in Gurugram.

What exactly happened

A student of the Lancers International School located in DLF Phase V, the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by Yogesh Kumar, 32, a house-keeping staff.

The incident came into light when, while returning home with her mother, the three-year-old complained about pain in the private parts. Suspecting something wrong had happened, the mother examined her and enquired about what had happened.

The girl then revealed that an 'uncle' in school took her to a secluded place and touched her inappropriately.

On hearing this, the mother immediately took her daughter back to school and complained to the school authorities. Once identified, the culprit, Yogesh Kumar, 32, who is a resident of Uttar Pradesh, was handed over to the police.

The mother also reportedly found out that Kumar had been taken on rolls just two days back and was a temporary employee of the school.

Another recent incident

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident of child sexual abuse in Gurugram. In a similar incident of sexual assault, a four-year-old was allegedly raped by a temporary employee in the bus in which she was returning home.

Continue reading to see what happened in this case and how you can protect your own children from sexual abuse.

In this case also, it was only after the child complained to her parents, did they realise something had happened and immediately took action. This case was even more shocking because it was reported to have happened for the first time in Gurugram, a place that includes many private schools.

While this is the first step that all parents must take, there are things that you should prepare your kids for, so that such incidents can be averted.

How can we protect our kids from sexual abuse?

Sexual predators are always on the prowl and kids become an easy target because of their vulnerability and the fact that they may not be physically strong enough to fight them off. However, this does not mean that kids cannot protect themselves.

Here are a few things you must teach your kids in order to protect them from sexual abuse.

  • Teach them about good touch, bad touch: Irrespective of the gender of your child or his/her age, you must teach them what is considered a good touch and what is a bad touch. You must tell them that when somebody (they know or don’t know) touches them on their chest, private parts or tries to kiss them, they must immediately inform their parents.


  • Inform about those they interact with: Ask your kids to keep you abreast with all the people they interact with at school or when they go out. As a parent you must always be in the know of those who talk or play with your kids.
  • Discourage them from going alone or with a stranger: With the increasing number of sexual abuse cases, it is safe to say that you must discourage your kids from venturing out alone or with people you do not know closely. This case also had the predator lure the child in a secluded place. Teach your kids to never agree to go with people who they do not know much about.
  • Always come to you for help: Teach your kids that you are always there to help and protect them and that if any untoward incident ever occurs that they must rush to you and inform you exactly what happened.

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