Shocking! 14-month-old Hyderabad girl dies after having cough syrup prescribed by doctor

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A 14-month-old Hyderabad girl died after having a common cough syrup prescribed by her doctor as she was suffering from severe cough and fever.

A 14-month old Hyderabad girl died after having a common everyday cough syrup prescribed by her doctor. The baby was suffering from a severe cough and fever when her parents took her to a local paediatrician.

The girl's parents live in the Warasiguda area of Hyderabad. The little girl, SK Mehmoon Begum, was suffering from a severe cough and fever for the last couple of days. The baby's father, SK Nazeer, works at a chicken shop in the Lakshmi Narasimha Nagar area.

14-month-old Hyderabad girl dies after taking a common cough syrup

On Sunday the little girl's condition seemed to be deteriorating. This is when Nazeer took her to the local medicinal practitioner Prakash at Parsigutta in the night.

 "After examining the girl, Prakash prescribed four medicines, including ASNO Syrup. The family members took the girl home and administered ASNO syrup. After taking the syrup, the girl vomited and stopped breathing," says the Musheerabad inspector S Ramachandra Reddy.
Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated and she finally breathed her last at 10 pm.
"At 10 pm, the family brought the girl to Prakash's clinic and based on his recommendation rushed her to Gandhi Hospital at 10.30pm where she was declared brought dead," he added.
After a protest from the family, the doctor was arrested. A case of medical negligence under IPC Section 304-A (death due to negligence) has been filed against him.

 What is ASNO syrup?

Shocking! 14-month-old Hyderabad girl dies after having cough syrup prescribed by doctor

ASNO syrup which is also used in the name Lorfast is a syrup used for is used for a cough, respiratory tract diseases. It is also advised for allergic reactions. It contains ambroxol, guaifenesin and loratadine as active ingredients.
The syrup blocks the histamine that produces allergic rejection; reducing the phlegm in the air passages. It also helps in promoting mucus clearance, having anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and local anaesthetic effects.
It must be noted here that more and more doctors today are becoming averse to giving medicines to babies for every small ailment.The focus is more working towards building the child's immunity.
"As doctors, we strictly advise mothers to not use any medicines. We as paediatricians for the last two years are making efforts to raise an AAA club. This is to make sure that we avoid antibiotic abuse, "says famous Mumbai paediatrician Dr Uday Anath Pai in an exclusive interview to theindusparent.

Building your child's immunity naturally

exposing your children to germs

1.Add more fruits that contain Vitamin C: Adding fruits like strawberries, citrus fruits like orange & muskmelon and kiwifruit in your child’s diet will be very helpful in boosting their immune system.

2. Ensuring that your child sleeps well: Sleep deprivation damages the T-cells and spoils the immune system according to a number of studies. Having a proper sleep should be the first thing that you should teach your child.

3. Add nuts to their diets: 4-5 soaked almonds; pistachios, raisins, apricots and walnuts must be added in your child’s everyday diet. Nuts provide a number of benefits as it contains a whole lot of proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are also packed with antioxidants such as omega fatty acids, zinc and vitamin E.

4. Let them be free: The most efficient and effective way to boost your child's immunity is letting him play freely in and around mud. Encourage your child to mingle and play with other children of their age. The more they play, the healthier they will be.

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