Shocking! 11-month-old baby raped for two hours in Delhi. Where is our conscience?

Shocking! 11-month-old baby raped for two hours in Delhi. Where is our conscience?

News of an 11-month-old baby raped by a 42-year-old man has shaken up the nation. What should parents do when their kids are sexually assaulted? We tell you!

In a news that has shaken up the entire country, an 11-month-old baby girl was allegedly abducted and brutally raped by her neighbour. This incident occurred in West Delhi's Vikaspuri, earlier this month.

The accused, Vijay Singh, 42, was reportedly a construction labourer who was employed at the office-cum-residential complex of Delhi Police in the area.

How it happened

The police who is now investigating the case reportedly told TOI that on finding her parents asleep in a makeshift home, the accused allegedly "spirited away" the baby at around 10 pm in the night. He carried the baby to a jungle nearby and then sexually assaulted her.

It was only after an hour when the 25-year-old mother could not locate her baby girl that she raised an alarm and the police was called on to the spot.

When questioned, the Vikaspuri police informed the media that they had immediately sent out a team and found the baby in an unconscious state. The Huffington Post also reported that the 11-month-old was immediately taken to the nearby Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, where she was kept in the intensive care unit (ICU) under observation.

The police officers described her condition to be serious since she was found bleeding heavily.

"The girl was bleeding profusely. Doctors at the hospital have said that her condition is serious," said a senior officer. At the spot where the police located the child, they also found a cell phone. "The police team was helped by the recovery of the mobile phone to track the location of the accused," informed the police.

What happened to the accused?

Once admitted, the police turned to their next task, which was to trace the culprit. Fortunately, within a few hours they were able to nab him at a nearby labour camp.

While initially the accused (a resident of Bihar), pleaded not-guilty; on repeated questioning he admitted to the heinous crime.

The police were also able to get more information about the crime when he admitted that he not only abducted the 11-month-old baby but also raped her for nearly two hours!

Shocked parents

The parents of the baby are naturally in a state of shock.

"I was horrified to see my daughter's condition. Her clothes were torn and she had nail marks all over the body. The severe injuries might have a lifelong impact on her health," said the 27-year-old father.

This news comes close on heels to previous shocking stories about a five-year-old and a two-year-old being raped in the National Capital. And while it will take time for the families to recover, their first priority would be to help the child cope with such a brutal sexual assault.

Continue reading to see how parents can help kids cope with sexual abuse! 

Sexual abuse can be both brutal and life-altering at the same time. In most cases, it is the victim who feels guilty or is made to feel guilty even with no fault of their own. That's when the role of the family comes most into play.

India has been witness to many sexual crimes against children, and the unfortunate fact is that there are still many culprits who are roaming free looking for another prey.

So while it is best to be prepared and make your child strong enough to face off such criminals, it is also important to know what to do, once such an incident has occurred.

How to take care of your child after a sexual assault

Here are a few things that you can do immediately:

  • Believe in your child and do not blame him/her for what has happened. Be calm and reassure them that they are safe with you and that they can freely share anything.
  • Prevent all contact between your child and the perpetrator before the investigation calls for it. Also make sure to ask your child to inform you if the culprit tries to get close or intimidate him/her.


  • Respond to the feelings expressed by your child and let them do the talking. Try not to ask too many questions, because that may force them to relive that horrible memory.
  • Be as normal as possible and follow the same routine in the house as before. The child shouldn't feel that something has changed because of this sexual assault. The priority should be to make the child feel normal and 'okay.'
  • In case the child has siblings, inform the siblings that something has happened but there is no need to bring it up. Rather, teach them to be supportive of their sibling and help him/her regain that lost confidence.

Child sexual abuse is a serious crime and one that not only requires the child to be brave but also the parents to be supportive. So its best to first be aware and protect your child against such crimes.

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