Watch Shilpa, Viaan and Raj Kundra dance to their hearts content during Ganpati visarjan! (Video inside!)

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The trio got together for their Ganpati Visarjan and danced to their hearts content to the beats of the dhol.

The whole country knows that  Shilpa Shetty is an amazing dancer and doesn't miss out on any opportunity to show us some of her latkaas and jhatkaas.

But that doesn't mean that her husband and family have two left feet and can't dance! That Viaan is a born dancer just like her mother is a fact that everyone knows. In fact, there's a video that holds proof that he could grow up to be a great dancer.

However, hubby Raj Kundra is also not behind and has got some dancing in his blood as well. This was evident when the trio got together for their Ganpati Visarjan and danced to their hearts content to the beats of the dhol.


This was the first time that the Kundras were seen dancing together as a family. And they were visibly excited as is evident in the pictures and videos. Shilpa's sister Shamita was also present and joined her Jiju, Raj, and nephew in the festivities.


Shilpa's mother and father were also there to seek the blessings of Ganesha. She was also joined in by many ladies who had also come to participate in the visarjan. Shilpa happily danced with each one of them and made sure that they got to spend sometime with her.

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Shilpa Shetty is a staunch Ganpati devotee and started celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi right after she got married to Raj and moved in to her new sea-side house Kinara.

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This year the Kundras brought an eco-friendly Ganpati to show that it is necessary to protect the environment as well. Perhaps they also wanted son Viaan to understand that we should not be using plastic Ganpatis as they can be detrimental for the environment.

Despite having her hands full with work and being a judge on a couple of dancing shows, Shilpa Shetty is indeed setting a precedence that a working mother can manage her house, kids and work, all with élan.

And there have been many instances that prove that she is a hands-on mother and nothing in the world can stop her from being a doting mum to her four-year-old son Viaan. From baking Sunday dessert treats for her son, to not letting him watch TV and taking trips with him to the amusement park-- Shilpa does it all and how!

We love her for being such a doting mother and hope that she continues to spread her love and warmth all around.

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