Shilpa Shetty Kundra's traditional Indian outfit is inspiring! Take a look

Shilpa Shetty Kundra's traditional Indian outfit is inspiring! Take a look

The fit and svelte mum and actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra can easily pass off as a model

Actor and mumpreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra can easily give any model a run for her money. She is a true-blue fashionista, but most importantly, she makes an effort to always look groomed and well-dressed.

Yes, some people might say that she has an army of stylists who help her get ready. But let's not forget, that one can only look good when they want to. If you have all the money in the world, but no idea how to put together something that may look good on you, then you are fighting a lost cause.

That's why when Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently shared a picture of herself dressed in a simple saree, draped and carried off elegantly, it instantly hit us! All you really need is attention to detail, some matching accessories and you are good to be the life of a party.

Of course, Kundra was not gearing up for a party. In fact, she was being felicitated as the "Pride of Karnataka" in the field of health and fitness.

But what caught our attention was her grace and the ability to make something simple look like a million bucks! Perhaps can take a lesson or two from this lassy lady on how to drape what she calls her go-to outfit!

Kundra wore a red-white and golden Masaba Gupta saree to the event and accessorised the outfit with jewellery from Anmol Jewels and not to forget, some gajra. Of course, needless to say she was quite comfortable and that's because a saree is her go-to outfit.

"Sarees are timeless and fashionable"

"I’ve learnt over the years. I have a good teacher in my mother, who wears her sprees impel ably, even today. Sarees are an attire that I believe are timeless and very fashionable, whether it be in India or abroad. It’s something you can wear for a formal do or a casual do. It just depends on how you drape it," she told a media portal just last year.

She also wore a rather interesting blouse with the saree and explained it in her caption.

"Love wearing flowers in my hair, today's look is an ode to my south Indian roots, digging the blouse @masabagupta #traditional #southindianstyle #colours #proudmangalorean," she wrote.

It certainly was an occasion to wear a saree, but as Shilpa outs its, a saree is the best attire for an Indian woman for a very common problem.

Continue reading to see the problem Shilpa Shetty Kundra is referring to and how her simple tips can come handy.

Shilpa's go-to during pregnancy

The mum of one also explained her love for sarees, which she also designs for her own label.

"Saree is also the best thing if you have some fat to camouflage. A lot of women have that problem. Even me, when I had my baby, I put on 32 kilos, I keep harping on that.  So at the time, saree was the only attire that I fit into. And you didn’t have to buy another outfit, the old sprees would also come to use. You only had to make a new blouse," she explains. 

Kundra who has often been lauded for her grace, especially while carrying off the saree shares that her favourite drapes are georgette and crapes.

"I like the conventional chiffon, because its easy to drape. I even like Georgettes, because they are easy, they hug the body, and they are very complimentary. Plus, they make you look much thinner," she adds. While Kundra prefers to wear sarees that hug her svelte figure, one must also first understand the type of body they have and buy and drape a saree accordingly. 

3 things to remember while choosing a saree

  • Fabric and drape: If you have a svelte figure like Kundra then as she suggests chiffons and georgettes are the best bet for you. They look great in prints and pastels and if they have a little bit of a border, they are perfect for light-day events. If however, you want to add volume to your body then cotton, silks, kaanjeevarams and Benarasi sarees work well.

  • Print and colour: One must opt for large bold prints of their body type is svelte or they want to add some volume. However, if you are heavy, then going for small prints can work best for you. Bold dark colours can also help camouflage any extra flab. As for borders, if you are short, then go for one that has no borders. On the other hand, if you are a tall lady, then you can easily wear broad borders.
  • Embroidery work: Every Indian woman loves a traditional benarasi or kanjeevaram saree and so, each one of us will have at least one of these sarees. If so, then know that heavy embroidery work will make you look a bit bulky, unless you pin it all up. However, these are just basic tips to keep in mind. The most important thing that you must enjoy your pick and wear it the way you so desire.

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