Exclusive! Shilpa Shetty Kundra's personal trainer Vinod Channa reveals how she maintains her svelte figure

Exclusive! Shilpa Shetty Kundra's personal trainer Vinod Channa reveals how she maintains her svelte figure

Shilpa made this happen by first working on strengthening her immune system, reveals her personal trainer Vinod Channa in an exclusive chat with Indusparent

If you are a fitness fanatic and you have just had a baby, chances are you are itching to go back to the gym. And when you finally are ready to hit the treadmill, a new gym trainer comes up to you and says, "Yes! We can train you into looking svelte like Shilpa Shetty Kundra." Vinod Channa made this into a reality.

This is the promise made by almost all the gym trainers, when you tell them you want to lose post-baby weight.

Even though it's most likely a hollow promise, but it sounds so convincing that you leave all logic behind and fall for this 'dream' that every gym trainer is selling. You end up working with him and paying thrice the price.

But before you actually get down to shelling a bomb on on your gym instructor, here's an exclusive from Shilpa Shetty Kundra's personal trainer on how to actually go about it!

Don't blindly follow celebrities

"Losing weight post pregnancy is really a tough task but can be accomplished by proper workout, healthy diet and perfect training," says the 36-year-old celebrity fitness trainer, Vinod Channa, in an exclusive interview with Indusparent.

He adds that blatant following of a celebrity's diet can not only be harmful, but also dangerous and achieving that level of fitness needs a lot of hard work. "Shilpa Shetty Kundra tried and lost her pregnancy fat post the birth of her first child by working very hard," he explains.

Here's why Shilpa lost post-baby weight in 3 months

Channa explains that when he started working with Shilpa post the birth of her now four-year-old son Viaan Raj, she was almost 32 kilos overweight.

But because of professional commitments that required her to face the camera in three months, she was willing to take up the hard yet achievable challenge.

"Shilpa was judging a reality show post her pregnancy and she had to perform on the final day. However, due to an unflattering figure she refused to do the performance. But I convinced her to take up the challenge (of performing) and asked for a time period of three months and within the deadline she made it," reveals Channa, who was the formidable force behind her impressive transformation.

Continue reading to see how Shilpa changed one thing about her routine that helped her lose all the weight!

Here's how Shilpa lost post-baby weight

Channa explains, "She managed to lose 21 kgs in 3 and ½ months and she worked towards a shape, which was even better than what people had seen her with on-screen. She made this happen by working on strengthening her immune system (which was the biggest change) and inner-outer thigh muscle, along with lower base and core strengthening workout."

He also explains the three main exercise routines that Shilpa followed that additionally helped.

"I included techniques which she had never done in the past including functional, animal flow workout and conditioning workout. She also followed a strict diet with balanced protein and limited carbohydrate with vegetables and fruits. With these small changes, she managed to get back into shape," he adds.

Shilpa's post pregnancy routine

Vinod Channa explains that since Shilpa faced joint problems post her pregnancy and had gained weight due to unhealthy eating habits like junk food, she had neck, knee and lower back problem.

"There was lack of movement and due to which she had lost her strength and fitness," he says.

Channa reveals that armed with this knowledge his first task was to make her work on strengthening her body, which anyway becomes weak after delivery.

"I first made her work on her strength and increased her potential. Using core strengthening workout she managed to improve her immune system. She made her inner and outer thigh muscle stronger along with lower back with the help of training. Not to forget, she was on strict diet throughout the programme," he reveals as he shares that she continues to work hard and follow a strict workout routine.

How regular mums can lose post-baby weight

But since Shilpa could approach Vinod Channa, she got the right advice at the right time. What about regular mums who are trying to lose port-baby weight? Well, Channa has a great advice for them too.

"A proper healthy diet should be followed, which includes good nutritional food such as proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats along with other important nutrients. One should stop wrong eating habits and say 'no' to junk foods. Women should also exercise and work on doing physical movements that help in controlling weight gain and maintain their fitness," he suggests.

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