Shilpa Shetty Kundra finally reveals the REAL secret of her quick weight loss!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra finally reveals the REAL secret of her quick weight loss!

Yummy mummy Shilpa Shetty Kundra also shares how she continues to maintain a svelte figure with a few simple things at home

Actor and mumpreneur Shilpa Shetty Kundra's name has become synonymous with healthy lifestyle. Apart from maintaining a svelte figure and concentrating on her own health as well as that of her family, this yummy mummy regularly shares healthy recipe ideas, exercise routines and tips on how to be strong and in good shape with her fans.

No wonder then she has become India's most popular fitness influencer and everybody looks upto her for advice on their own lifestyle modification.

So in order to help her fans, Shetty recently organised a Facebook live chat in which she answered some of the most important questions about fat loss and healthy eating. But most importantly, she finally divulged her own secrets of maintaining a slim figure.

Shilpa's 5 golden mantras of good health and fit body

Starting with how she turned around her thanks by adopting a healthy lifestyle, Shilpa shared her five golden rules.

#1 Eat only between 7.30 am to 7.30 pm

Make sure to eat a big breakfast. I have my breakfast by 7.30 or 8 am in the morning and my last meal is at 7.30 pm. Why I eat a big breakfast is because you're going to sleep and you're going to wake up after 7-8 hours of actually fasting. So that's why it's called a break'fast' and it's going to keep you fuller and give you more energy to attempt various activities through the day.

It's also important to end the day with a meal before 7.30 pm because a lot of people eat dinner very late and sleep on a full stomach and that's the worst thing you can do for your body. Your body needs time to rest and stop the digestion process so you can get into a deeper sleep.

#2 Include coconut oil in your food

I include coconut oil in my food and even gargle with it in the morning. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties; and kills all the bacteria in your mouth and so it doesn't let any bacteria go into your gut.

It strengthens your immune system and is also great for cooking.

#3 Workout three times a week

The third thing I've started to do is because I'm a mother and it's a full-time job, plus am also working and I know this for a fact that there are a lot of working women and men out there find it difficult to take out time for themselves. But I try to take out three workout days, where I workout for 45-50 minutes.

There is a preconceived notion that I work out on all days in a week. I pay more attention to the way I breathe. It aligns your mind, body and soul. In the fast paced life that we lead, it's so important to just take a moment and breathe.

4) Avoid aerated or fizzy drinks

About 10 years ago, I took out fizzy drinks from my lifestyle or anyone that I love. It's never introduced in my house (or given to guests) and it's the worst thing to happen to any of us.

Where in India, we boast of nimbu-paani, lassi and buttermilk, and they are fabulous because they are hydrating, some have protein in them. Rather than having phosphoric acid in your drink, you should include these drinks.

And a lot of people think that going on diet soda is a better way, but it's not. It'll deplete your calcium levels, with artificial sweeteners in it. So please don't encourage it with kids.

5) Chew your food thoroughly

I don't see people chewing on their food. When I say chew your food, I mean that you should drink your food and eat your water. So saliva has to mix with every morsel that goes into your stomach. You see a lot of allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or ulcerative colitis; that's because the body is finding it difficult to break down the food because there isn't enough saliva in the food.

It is said in Ayurveda that you've been given 32 teeth so you chew on your food 32 times. Most of us are not willing to do it. You should be willing to meet midway and chew at least 25 times.

The svelte mum also shared a few facts which nobody knew about her!

"I lost 32 kilos in 5 weeks!"

While advising one of the fans she revealed that post her delivery she lost a whopping 32 kilos in five weeks. She also shared how much a person can lose if they concentrate well on their diet and fitness routine.

"After my baby I had put on 32 kilos and I lost it all in five weeks. Yes, I did. But maybe my Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is different from others. 21-28 days you should be able to lose 5 kilos if you eat well and incorporate some form of physical activity," she revealed.

As for losing belly fact, she divulged a three important things to remember.

3 ways to lose belly fat

  • Concentrate on whole body fitness: Only doing abdominal workouts will help you lose belly fat, that's a preconceived notion. Actually a good leg workout will also help you lose weight. Naukasana is great for belly fat as are planks and also animal crawls. Always remember, it's 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise.
  • Eat well: A lot of mothers have a huge problem of belly fat, take care of your diet, eat high fibre food, stop eating after 7.30, it'll make a huge difference in bloating and water retention. Also make sure to have green tea, increase your metabolism. If you can have three to five meals include two snacks in a day. I am a Manglorean and I eat rice, but I try not to eat it in the night. Rice is gluten-free, it's high fibre. Clean eating is the way to go, and people should not be obsessed with diet. If you eat clean, automatically your stomach will be happier, and you'll be able to digest well.
  • Age is just a number: As you grow older, your body will undergo many changes. So be aware of what you're eating. After all, you are what you eat. Change certain things in your life, make lifestyle modifications. Include coconut oil, opt for yoga and remember that age is just a number. I am a healthy 41 year-old and I know that being healthy and happy is all that matters.

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