Shilpa Shetty Kundra just started a new fashion trend for mums!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra just started a new fashion trend for mums!

Yummy mummy Shilpa Shetty Kundra has been rocking a completely new look!

Actor, entrepreneur and full-time mum Shilpa Shetty Kundra is no stranger to trends. Whether it was to encourage mums to opt for an all-Indian diet post-pregnancy weight loss, or whether it is disciplining her son, she has been a trendsetter in many ways.

So it's no surprise that many Indian mums follow her and want to emulate even her personal style, which has recently been upgraded! Yes, that correct.

Shilpa added a dash of vibrancy to her look by going red all the way! She not only changed her hair colour but it seems her entire personal style and is now looking like a doll!

She recently gave herself a makeover and shared her "hair raising experience" with her fans. Shilpa posted a video of her new look and wrote: "Thankyou @kantamotwani for my "Fifty shades of Red" My Hair raising experience. Coming soon.. what do you think?? #haircolour #paintingthetownred #haircolour #instahair"

Shilpa's complete makeover

As soon as she posted this video, she received an overwhelming response from mums and her fans alike praising her for her new look. Shilpa who recently lost her father has got back to work is trying be happy and this physical transformation seems to be a part of her healing process.

While we had just started to admire her new look, she shared a few other pictures of her complete transformation and we couldn't help but admire her elegance and beauty.

The yummy mummy who believes in eating healthy and working hard on her body shows what a combination of the two can do!

In an interview she said, “Make a change in your life to be healthy not because you want to fit into a dress or because you have a party to attend. If you follow the diet plan in the book and can’t workout, walk for at least four times a week. Some form of exercise is a must. Strike the 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise balance. This combination helps lose weight.”

Her fitness mantra is quite simple, so it's no surprise that she is looking even more svelte and fit over the last few days.

She even dressed up like a princess recently for the shoot of her show Super Dancer  and we must add that this is one picture you cannot afford to miss!

Shilpa follows a simple yet strict diet

Shilpa is very particular about her diet is a healthy breakfast addict, just as most mums should! Whether it is a granola bowl, or idli-sambhar, or even simple avacado mix, she is on top of her game by using simple home-grown ingredients.

But let's not forget, she also loves to binge on her favourite spicy snacks and sweet treats, all of which are wholesome Indian treats.

In an interview to a daily, she had mentioned, “I have tried to bust pre-conceived notions about Indian food. People think Indian food is fattening and high on sodium, which is untrue. A simple dish like rajma chawal is a complete meal; it has the right amount of protein, nine amino acids; it’s equivalent to eating an egg. But people are tucking into quinoa instead.”

Apart from her amazing physical transformation that clearly left her feeling super happy, there was another reason for that extra smile on her face. The 41-year-old recently celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary and needless to say was treated like a princess by her doting husband.

Continue reading to see the special and simple way Shilpa and Raj Kundra celebrated their anniversary! 

Shilpa and Raj's anniversary celebrations

The couple who recently celebrated seven years as husband and wife were more than happy to share their joy with their fans. No wonder then they shared special pictures and moments from their big day with everybody on social media.

The doting wife posted a picture with her husband and wrote: "Whoa! 7 yrs..Happy Anniversary @therajkundra "I have found my Home in your Heart and Love in your Soul." I'm the luckiest girl in the world.#hubbylove #soulmate #loveunconditionally #gratitude"

She also posted pictures and shared glimpses of their special anniversary dinner at their favorite Japanese restaurant, Wasabi. Needless to say, the fit and svelte Shilpa did overindulge, but only with a healthy meal.

She posted this picture of her dinner and wrote: "Healthy Anniversary dinner at our Fav Japanese restaurant.Who says celebrations can't be healthy. Sashimi, wasabi rockshrimps,seabass, crab claw, avacado tartare and mushroom potrice .YUMM! #wasabi #taj #aboutlastnight #lovefood #tastewithhealth"

While at their dinner, the couple also received a special gift from the restaurant and Shilpa shared its details with everybody as well.

She wrote: "Now you know why it's our fav restaurant..Our very own Personalised Chopsticks...️#anniversary #aboutlastnight #gratitude."

These pictures are proof that the couple is clearly in love and have proved that friendship in a relation can go a long way, just as it should for every couple.

Shilpa and Raj give us couple goals

  • Marriage stood against time: The couple has proved that their marriage is way stronger than what many perceive. They were recently marred by divorce rumours, but they rubbished them by proclaiming their love for each other. Shilpa responded to these speculations and said, "It is complete rubbish. I don’t even know where these rumours came from. I believe in the institution of marriage, and I love my husband,” she told a leading national daily.
  • Together for each other: The couple again displayed the strength of their relationship when Shilpa's father recently passed away and Raj took charge of everything. He acted as his wife's pillar of strength and was clearly instrumental in helping her get back into her daily routine, just as any husband would.
  • Co-parenting with ease: The couple have also made sure to raise their son Viaan Raj Kundra with as much simplicity as possible. Shilpa is quite particular about letting her son watch television and eating healthy meals, just as any other regular mum would.

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