Shilpa Shetty Kundra just shared the one food item she loves to cook for her son

Shilpa Shetty Kundra just shared the one food item she loves to cook for her son

To give her fans a sneak peek into her diet regime, Shilpa Shetty Kundra recently shared a picture of the perfectly healthy Sunday breakfast

It is common knowledge that celeb mum, Shilpa Shetty Kundra is extremely diligent when it comes to her fitness regime and her diet. But it is no miracle. She works hard at being fit and inspires everybody to do the same; including her family.

And to give her fans a sneak peek into her diet regime, she recently shared a picture of something she specially cooked for her son- a perfectly healthy Sunday breakfast.

She wrote: "Made 2 Bread puddings,piping hot from the oven, Yummm (one with stevia and 5 seeded bread) and one with the usual for my son. Honestly both tasted faaab must try. #foodchoicesmatter #lifestylemodification #lovecooking #lovefood #comfortfood."

The fit yummy-mummy used Stevia (sweetener extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant) as a substitute of sugar for her five-seeded bread and made another batch with sugar just for her son, Viaan Raj Kundra.

Just to be more emphatic, she also added another picture of what her final cook looked like and we must say, it looked delicious.

Crisp on the top ,soft and custardy inside????yummy ????#comfortfood #sundaybingeday

A photo posted by Shilpa Shetty Kundra (@officialshilpashetty) on

Talking about her son's diet, in an interview to a daily, she was quoted as saying, "What you feed your child is very important. I am against aerated drinks and packaged food. What you teach your child to eat at this age is what he/she would end up growing up with."

She added, "My three-year-old son tells me, 'Mama, you cannot eat lollipops because they give you cavities!' Though you have to negotiate with your child, Viaan has never eaten a bag of chips. But I give him homemade fries with haldi, salt and chilli powder. He loves drinking ginger lemon honey water and fresh juices. A child doesn't know anything; you have to tell them what is good and what isn't. Once he reaches 12 or 13, I don't know what will he do, but I am doing my duty now!"

Apart from maintaining a strict diet, the 40-year-old actress also exercised and worked hard on getting back into shape, especially post pregnancy.

Continue reading to see her transformation after her pregnancy as she tells us how she did it.

The fitness queen

Kundra was one of the first few female actors to promote fitness with her yoga CDs in 2008 and her book The Great Indian Diet, last year.

So it was no surprise that she would bounce back into shape post delivery in no time. In fact, she lost 21 kgs within 3 and ½ months of delivery and was back to her svelte self. But as she shares, it took a whole lot of hardwork and dedication.

She even shared a shocking 'before and after' picture with an inspirational message.

She wrote: "For all those who don't believe I was ever overweight( by 32 kgs)Chanced upon this photo size 16 to size 8, B4 & After. Want to flaunt this (not so complimentary)picture proudly.Only to prove, If i could do it so can u #throwback #weightloss #dedication #greatindiandiet #lifestylemodification."

But let's not write her off as a fitness fanatic. Because this the yummy-mummy doesn't believe in refraining oneself from eating what you love.

As is clearly seen in this Instagram video of Kundra eating gol gappas and clearly enjoying her favourite street food binge.

How she lost post pregnacny weight

Speaking about her post pregnancy weight loss, Kundra was quoted as saying, "When I was losing weight after my pregnancy, I would eat nearly four eggs a day. Eggs keep your stomach full for longer. When you are trying to lose a lot of weight, you always stress about not getting to have food. This results in your body producing extra cortisol, slowing down metabolism. Eating has a lot more to do with your mind than your stomach. Don't tell yourself that you are dieting."

She added, "Make a change in your life to be healthy not because you want to fit into a dress or because you have a party to attend. If you follow the diet plan in the book and can't workout, walk for at least four times a week. Some form of exercise is a must. Strike the 70% diet and 30% exercise balance. This combination helps lose weight."

Well we ought to take a cue from the fitness queen herself

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