She might be a diva for the world, but Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a mother first (here's proof!)

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Our very own queen bee Aishwarya Rai wrote new mummy rules on the red carpet this past week.

Aishwarya Rai, who wowed the entire world with her flawless style on Cannes red carpet, proves yet again that it’s her mummy duties that come ahead of everything. 

Now we all know that red carpet appearances for global stars are moments of extreme planning and strict protocols. Everything from the dress, the hair even the swing of the arms and the way celebs wave to their fans are all pre-rehearsed and orchestrated for that stunning photo-op moments.

But our very own queen bee Aishwarya Rai wrote new mummy rules on the red carpet this past week. On her very first day of red carpet appearance when Rai posed in that billowy big princess style gown which required an army of stylists to maneuver her way through the crowds, one glimpse of her baby AAradhya was all that took Aish to blow impromptu kisses to her baby girl.

In the lovely video, Aishwarya is seen signing autographs when she suddenly spots her five-year-old standing in the balcony. The glimpse of her baby is all what takes Aish to say ‘I love you’ to Aaradhya and blow a flying kiss. Proud mum Aish is also seen pointing to someone about her baby seeing the red carpet from a balcony somewhere nearby. Check out the video here:


If that’s not all to melt your matronly hearts then there was more display of mother-daughter loving at Cannes. During one of her other outings, Aishwarya is seen getting out of her luxury car and daughter Aaradhya who had come to see off mummy waits in the car.

While fans surround Aish and she gets busy signings autographs, mummy Aish always has Aaradhya on top of her mind and turns and makes I love you gestures to her daughter several times while blowing kisses.


The little girl Aradhya is already showing her superstar genes and is seen quite at ease with the flashing camera and spotlight. Like mother, like daughter, should we say! In fact, daddy Abhishek Bachchan also feels so and he posted a picture on his Instagram reiterating the fact that Aaradhya has indeed taken to her mother.

Here's the picture that Abhishek posted on Instagram with the caption: "So that's where she gets it from. Like mother, like daughter."


#mothersanddaughters so that's where she gets it from! Like mother, like daughter.

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They are clearly setting new parenting goals for all of us!

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