Shame! Young mother and her one-year-old daughter allegedly burnt alive for dowry

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The women and her year-old toddler were first drenched in Kerosene and then set on fire together, all because her in-laws wanted dowry.

Looks like achche din will never come for Indian women. Whether it is sexual abuse, domestic violence or dowry deaths, Indian women have been subjected to physical and mental torture in every way. And now it looks like kids are not being spared either.

In a news that will shock you, a young mother and her on-year-old daughter were reportedly burnt alive together by her in-laws who were constantly harassing her for dowry.

Mother and daughter bear the cost of dowry greed!

The alleged incident took place in Bihar (Musapur village), where the women and her year-old toddler were first drenched in Kerosene and then set on fire together.

As soon as the news of the murder of the two reached the woman's home, her father filed a first information report (FIR) with the local police. He allegedly named her husband, mother-in-law as well as father-in-law and brother-in-law as the culprits.


As per the FIR, the victim was married to one Hazari Pandit for over four years and had a one-year-old daughter with him.

The father alleged that he did give dowry at his daughter's marriage, but her in-laws kept harassing her for more. He stated that they were demanding a bike from his daughter and torturing her for the same for the past couple of months.

Unfortunately, all the accused are now absconding and the police has been directed to book and nab them at the earliest. This shameful incident comes soon after the state announced a campaign against dowry from October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti) onwards.

Escalating incidences of dowry demands in India?

It also comes close on heels of another incident where a resident of New Delhi, the 24-year-old Parvinder Kaur was reportedly set ablaze by her own husband and in-laws, after she failed to meet their escalating dowry demands.

She was found by the police when they received a phone call about a woman being set on fire. They reached the spot to find Kaur lying next to some charred clothes as well as a few buckets.

Sadly these are not isolated incidents. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2015 "as many as 7,634 women died in the country due to dowry harassment," quoted a daily. And as per Delhi Police, as many as 31 women died of dowry harassment only in the national capital.

From educated PhDs to CAs, girls are dying at the hands of greedy in-laws and inspite of stringent laws and orders by the Supreme Court to treat daughters-in-law like family and not housemaids, many women continue to face dowry harassment.

So we ask, where are the achche din for Indian women?

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