Shahnaz Husain has the perfect home remedy to treat THESE 3 common skin problems

Shahnaz Husain has the perfect home remedy to treat THESE 3 common skin problems

Shahnaz Husain gives extremely simple and easy to use remedies for common skin problems such as moles, warts and blackheads.

1. Moles:

Moles are small black or brown raised growths on the skin of the body or the face. Basically, they are pigment cells that form together in a group. Moles are generally not harmful, but it is good to know about the ones that are. If a mole keeps growing, it is better to consult a doctor.

Most people want to get rid of moles, as they find them unsightly. It may be removed by surgery, which can leave a scar. Of course, natural remedies are more popular, because they are safer and certainly cheaper than surgical methods. Here are some natural methods for mole removal.

  • It is said that crushed garlic, applied on the mole, helps. Apply daily on cover with a bandage. Leave on for a few hours.
  • Similarly, take 2-3 small pieces of ginger. Grind it and make a paste out of it. Put this paste on the mole and tie a bandage over it. Leave the bandage overnight. Repeat this method for a few days till the mole disappears.
  • Mix flaxseed oil with a small amount of honey. Apply this mixture on moles daily to get rid of the mole.
  • Tea tree oil can also be very useful.  Apply a few DROPS of tea tree oil on the mole 2-3 times a day. Continue till the mole disappears.
  • Apart from all these methods there are some other ways like rubbing fresh pineapple, pomegranate juice or fig stem juice.

2. Warts

Shahnaz Husain has the perfect home remedy to treat THESE 3 common skin problems

Warts are small, hard, uneven, raised growths, with a rough surface. They can appear on the face and other parts of the body. Actually, there are many types of warts. Some warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and spread easily, so it is better to consult a dermatologist.

Homeopathic treatment is also said to help. Whatever you do, never pick on warts with the nails. 

  • As far as home remedies are concerned, it is said that applying vinegar on warts daily causes them to finally fall out. Apply it daily only on the wart, using cotton wool.
  • You can look for apple cider vinegar. After applying the vinegar with cotton wool on the wart, cover it with a bandage. Do this twice a day, using a fresh bandage each time. It is said that the wart falls off on its own. A loofah may be used to scrub the area after a week of applying the vinegar.  
  • Onions are also said to help. Take an onion and cut a small slice of it. Extract its juice either with the help of a processor or a mixer. Put 2-3 drops of the onion juice on the mole. Repeat this daily for at least 3 weeks. You will observe that the warts diminish gradually.

3. Blackheads

Blackheads occur on oily skin or oily areas of the skin, when pores get clogged with sebum, or hardened oil. The tip is exposed to the air and oxidizes, turning dark; hence, the name blackheads. Blackheads are common on the face and areas on the body that are rich in oil glands or have large pores, like the back.

Shahnaz Husain has the perfect home remedy to treat THESE 3 common skin problems

A blackhead is a primary acne lesion. That is why it is so important to prevent and remove blackheads, because this helps in preventing acne. Keeping the pores free of hardened oil helps to prevent blackheads.

  • After washing or bathing, wipe the blackhead prone areas with an astringent lotion, using cotton wool. Make a paste of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and water. Apply the paste on the areas with blackheads daily and wash it off after 5 minutes. Use a scrub two or three times a week on the blackhead prone areas. You can either buy a scrub, or you can mix rice powder with yogurt or rose water and use as a scrub.
  • Ground almonds can also be used in the same way. Add a pinch of turmeric to the scrubs. Apply on the areas with blackheads and rub gently on the skin using small circular movements. Leave on for 5 minutes and then wash off with water.
  • You can also mix oats with egg white and apply on the areas with blackheads and open pores twice a week. Wash it off when it dries.
  • To prevent blackheads, or to remove stubborn blackheads, you can have clean-ups at a beauty salon. Clean-ups includes exfoliation, which keeps the pores free of sebum.

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