New dad Shahid Kapoor shares the first ever picture of Mira Rajput after delivery

New dad Shahid Kapoor shares the first ever picture of Mira Rajput after delivery

Seemingly happy and relaxed, the new parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput looked very much in love in this new photograph

After more than a month of becoming parents to baby Misha, Bollywood's 'it' couple Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have finally given us a sneak peek into their new life.

Seemingly happy and relaxed, the new parents looked very much in love in this new photograph that doting dad Shahid Kapoor shared just hours ago. Along with the glowing new mum Mira, Kapoor seems to be enjoying some 'chill vibes,' as he put it.

Chill vibes.

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The journey of parenthood has not come easy for this couple. While Mira was reportedly admitted to the hospital three times during the course of her pregnancy, Shahid had several packed professional engagements including the release of Udta Punjab.

Baby Misha's first celebrity guest

But the now proud parents are making sure that they spend enough time with their little bundle of joy. In fact, they recently threw open their doors for guests who were keen to visit baby Misha. Actor Alia Bhatt became the first celebrity guest to see their daughter.

A source close to the couple revealed, “Alia has been wanting to visit Shahid and Mira and their daughter Misha, and she could finally do that. It was a great reunion."

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He also added that the three even had lunch together and chatted over the baby’s daily routine, her habits and even the television shows that she watches with her parents.

Continue reading to see how the couple is taking care of their daughter Misha and what Mira is upto these days.

Taking care of baby Misha

While the couple is busy taking care of their daughter and getting to know her, they are also making sure that both of them take turns to do their parenting duties. And it is pretty evident from something Shahid's mother, actor Neelima Azim told DNA a few days back.

“I have two sons (Shahid and Ishaan) with a difference of 13 years between them. I always wanted a daughter. I can’t begin to express my emotions. When I heard that Mira had delivered a little girl… it was joy multiplied. To see your first-born holding his own little first-born and just seeing him take care of our little angel made me speechless! I can’t express that beautiful feeling… Ishaan is now a chachu!,” she revealed about Shahid's parenting style.

@mira.kapoor glowing away.

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As far as Mira was concerned, Azim was pleasantly surprised at such a young age the new mum was able to take care of the baby so well.

“The youngest in our family is now taking care of the little baby… Mira, Shahid, Ishaan and the baby — fill me with indescribable happiness," she said.

It seems that this taking turns to take care of the baby has helped the couple get closer not only to their daughter, but even to themselves. And the recent photograph is proof that they are taking time for each other as well, something that most new parents must do.

3 ways new parents can take time out for each other

Just as Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are taking some 'chill' time out for each other, all new parents must follow suit. It is during these initial days that the new father and the new mother need a bit of a breather from their hectic baby care routine.

Here's how you can do it effectively.

  • Date nights: Plan a day in a week or more if possible to go on date nights with your spouse. You can ask your close family members or hire a nanny for a few hours, while you spend time with each other.
  • Activities together: A new baby means a whole lot of exhausting work such as changing diapers, bathing, cleaning and feeding. And if only one person is responsible for doing all of this, it can really be torturous. So it's wise to do this together. If your wife is feeding the baby at nights, make sure you are up with her and help the baby go back to sleep so she can get some shut eye.
  • Ask for help: Most new parents feel overwhelmed with the unforeseen responsibilities that come with having a baby. And everybody knows how hard it can be, so do not hesitate to ask for help. You can request your own parents or close relatives to take care of the baby while you catch on your sleep together or just relax for a few hours before going back to the grind.

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