Finally! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput give their daughter a very unique name!

Finally! Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput give their daughter a very unique name!

New parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have reportedly named their daughter, Misha, which is another unique combination name

Naming your baby can be both gratifying and confusing, especially when you're a celebrity and you have millions of eyes set on you! But take it from our Bollywood parents to make this a 'job uniquely done!'

New parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have become the latest celebrities to give their baby a unique name.

After Rani Mukherjee named her daughter 'Adira,' which is a combination of her parents' name, Shahid and Mira followed close on heels and have reportedly named their daughter, Misha.

This unique name is also a combination name and includes both the parents' first few letters- Mi(ra)sha(hid).

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But this naming ceremony wasn't a traditional namkaran ceremony, but a rather unique one, since it required them to travel with their new baby to a new place.

The couple, who are ardent followers of the Radha Soami Sangh wanted their baby girl to be blessed by Baba Gurinder Singh, head of Radha Saomi Satsang, Beas.

"Mira has got the family much closer"

So just a few days back, Pankaj Kapur took daughter-in-law Mira and son Shahid to meet Baba Gurinder in Amritsar. And minutes before leaving, he spoke eloquently about the new edition to their family and how Mira has been the 'ideal' bahu.

In case of Mira, it’s seems like I have always known her. She’s such a wonderful girl and she has got the family much closer. There’s lot more warmth and lot more dependability in each one of us now. To say the least, I am the most excited about becoming a grandfather,” he said. 

Continue reading to see how Shahid and Mira made new arrangements for their baby girl at home and how they are protecting her!

New arrangements for baby Misha

The cute couple, who became parents on August 27, were in for a surprise when the baby reportedly came in earlier than expected. And this only made them more careful about guarding their daughter from the paparazzi, even while returning home.

But there was one aspect they did not have to worry about, and that was making arrangements for their daughter.

The actor converted his 32 crore bachelor pad into a married man's home when Mira Rajput came to Mumbai and now with the baby, more changes were incorporated.

It was reported that he didn't have an extra bedroom. So apart from an extra room, they have made a separate space for their little one. They reportedly converted one big room into the baby’s nursery. And the powder room that was earlier close to the hall has now become a shower-cum-toilet.

Soon to be ghar #lifeunderconstruction can't wait

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Also, the basement that he used for his meetings now also has some additional space for his baby. Additionally, he usually arranges parties and does his dance rehearsals in the basement space.

The couple finished work on their new home before the birth of baby Misha, so we are positive that they are enjoying this new space as a family together and loving every bit of it.

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