Shahid Kapoor is learning nursery rhymes for daughter Misha. Here’s why you should too

Shahid Kapoor is learning nursery rhymes for daughter Misha. Here’s why you should too

Here’s why you should be singing nursery rhymes to your little one!

At a recent appearance on a reality show to promote his latest movie, the audience was left oohing and aahing when actor Shahid Kapoor took on the role of a hands-on dad, even while on set.

When asked to perform at the show to promote the movie, the actor instead said that he wanted to learn some nursery rhymes from the young contestants who were also part of the show. The actor said he wanted to learn some nursery rhymes so that he could go back home and sing it for daughter Misha.


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In many earlier instances, the first-time dad has given us glimpses of how he is involved in the parenting role as much as his wife Meera. From holding on to her protectively while heading to the airport, to rushing home after work to spend time with his daughter, daddy Shahid Kapoor is doing it all.

And now he brings in yet another smart daddy moment for all his fans out there, by showing his eagerness in learning rhymes for his little girl and sharing it with her. What’s so great about it you ask? Here’s what's great about singing nursery rhymes to your little one!

1. The first step towards vocabulary: One of the first ways to help your baby enter the world of words is by singing nursery rhymes that are easy and catchy. Babies respond best to music and repetitive words, and most nursery rhymes have keywords that are used over and over again. As your baby tries to focus on those words, it helps improve concentration, and of course, your baby eventually learns new words too.

2. Great for teaching expressions: Babies love it when parents speak to them using expression and gestures, and most nursery rhymes can easily be enacted just by rolling your eyes, giving a smile here and there, and making a few twists of your hand. Following your gestures will also help to improve your baby’s visual capacity as your baby tries to focus better.


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3. Understands gestures and words: Using a nursery rhyme is a great way to introduce your baby to the connection between gestures and words. As your baby grows, he or she will be able to understand the connection between a particular word and how to communicate the same in sign language. This is also great for very young babies who have not started speaking yet, but can still pick up the signs to communicate.

4. Improves memory: You can help improve your baby’s memory by repeating one or two nursery rhyme over and over again. As you start singing the same rhyme to your baby each day, you will soon notice that your baby too will try to participate, by making some gurgling noises at specific words, or trying to do the gestures, or even giving you a smile on recognising the familiar rhyme!

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