Shahid Kapoor reveals why he apologised to his father-in-law after Misha's birth!

Shahid Kapoor reveals why he apologised to his father-in-law after Misha's birth!

The doting dad Shahid Kapoor shares a deeply personal incident that truly makes him a great father

For the past two years Shahid Kapoor has been keeping his fans on their toes. First, he surprised them with his wedding to the then unknown Delhi girl, Mira Rajput. Then last year, he became a father and sprung yet another surprise on his well wishers.

And while both these life events looked seemingly smooth and well executed, the reality was far from it. His wedding to Mira may still have been a smooth ride, but his transition into a young a father was not as emotionally easy as he expected.

Yes, you read that right.

Shahid Kapoor: The emotional side

The usually calm and composed Shahid was extremely emotional during his daughter's birth.

And while most men would be by their wife's side during this time, Shahid did something completely extraordinary, probably making him a great husband and father!

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"I called him up instantly and apologised"

In an interview to Filmfare, Shahid Kapoor shared that at time of Misha's birth he was scared and equally ecstatic and in that moment he called his father-in-law to share something deeply personal.

"I was both ecstatic and scared. I began thinking of Mira’s father and how he must have felt when he gave away his baby, his daughter to this strange guy, an actor from Mumbai with a ponytail and coloured hair, who perhaps thought he was a ‘cool dude’. I called him up instantly and apologised if I had troubled him at any point. I may have overlooked his point of view somewhere, regarding something which may have been important to him. This realistaion came when I held a baby girl in my hands, when I felt vulnerable. I didn’t want anything to go wrong with her ever. I guess, being a man I always thought of as a man. But holding a baby girl gave me a new perspective. It changes everything," shared the doting father.

He also shared that coming from a broken home, he was more determined to give Misha a protected home and family.

"My parents (Neelima and Pankaj Kapur) separated when I was three. What I wish most is to give Misha a normal and conventional situation. I believe to see your mother/father together by each other’s side is what every child wants. It’s a natural need," shared the 36-year-old father.

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Shahid's unique parenting style

The doting father also shared that while he was determined to give his daughter a complete home, he was also determined to give her all his time.

He revealed that he is hands-on and that his profession allows him to be available to his daughter. He also shared that it was him who fed Misha her first solid food.

"I’ve spent a lot of time with Misha. I took a six-month paternity leave. I did it more for myself than her. I didn’t want to miss out on the experience. People cautioned me that it was not a good decision. That I’d be out of the limelight. But being an actor I’m a freelancer.  I change her diapers, I give her bottle feeds. I fed her first solids," he shared.

The Rangoon star also added that he enjoys his funny conversations with Misha and that he is not necessarily forcing her to learn new words.

"I enjoy hanging with her when she moves in the walker. I like looking at her when she rolls around. In fact I mimic her funny sounds rather than teach her words. So that she feels we’re sharing a conversation," he shared proving that this young father is in no hurry to push milestones on his kid.

But as a new parent, you must be aware of your baby's milestones and how that can help him develop both physically and psychologically.

5 baby milestones you'll love to capture

Baby milestones are not just achievements for the baby, they are also equally important for us parents. But what are these prominent milestones that you'll notice, especially in the first year of your baby? Here are a few you'll love to capture on your camera.

  • First cackle: It's perhaps the most beautiful sound you'd ever hear- the sweet and sometimes funny cackle of your baby. It's a moment that is worth capturing not just for its novelty, but also for the range of emotions it stirs in you as a parent.
  • First turnover: When your baby first feels strong enough to turnover on her back, especially after the first three months, it's certainly an achievement. It's an indication that your baby is strong enough to support her neck and also push her body over.
  • First time on the tummy: Once your baby turns four months and she becomes more and more active, she can turn on her tummy from her back. This means you'll have to be more careful of her physical activities, but also be proud!
  • First solid feed/ annaprashan: Our culture has a beautiful tradition of weaning a baby from breastfeed into solids with annaprashan. Basic solid such as rice and milk are usually given to the baby at this point and it's certainly a major milestone in your life too!
  • First standing position/walk: Which parent can possible forget the first time their baby stood up or tried to stand up. It's the most bittersweet achievement for parents because on one hand we are proud that our babies can now stand on their own feet and on the other, we know that very soon they might not need our help! Either way, you must make it worth your time and celebrate it as a time to rejoice.

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