Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are gearing up to become parents again

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are gearing up to become parents again

Surprisingly, Shahid Kapoor added that it was his wife Mira Rajput's decision to have another baby soon

New parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput may still be settling in with the cute little addition to their family, but it seems they are more than prepared for another one. Yes, that's correct!

Just a day after Shahid Kapoor posted a picture of wife Mira with their baby girl, he shared quite a few surprising things.

In a candid admission to GQ magazine, the Udta Punjab star not only revealed that Misha wasn't a planned baby but also that his wife Mira Rajput was inclined towards having another baby soon.

Misha was an unplanned baby

Talking about his five-month-old daughter's birth, the protective dad said, "It wasn't planned actually, but I think we were ready for it. I was impatient to get married and have a family. My job is a lonely one I was lonely for three or four years."

However, he added that even though they were not planning to have a baby, the couple were ready to manage their new roles, if need be. And, that's precisely what they've done since they welcomes Misha in August last year.

The doting father also mentions that he takes his daddy duties seriously, which involved diaper changes and taking care of Misha’s napping schedule, among other things. “I have changed diapers many times. See, the problem is that you are inexperienced. So the relevant part is not whether I have changed diapers, but whether I have changed diapers with poop in them. And yes, obviously I have done all of it."

And now it seems that the couple is already gearing up for another baby!

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Second baby to arrive soon

The couple who tied the knot in July 2015, have already decided to welcome another baby soon, giving baby Misha some company. Shahid shared the idea of it during the same interview and added that it was Mira's idea to have another baby.

"Mira, who is just 22, would prefer to have a second kid soon as well. She wants to flip the norm, get the kids to a certain age and then be free to do what she likes," he shared.

Well, it seems that Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput want to follow in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, UK, who also had two children with just 1.5 years difference.

Interestingly, having kids with a small age difference can give the new parents time to nest and then quickly move on with their lives, and many experts agree that a small age gap between siblings is actually a good thing.

Ideal age gap between siblings

When it comes to the age gap between siblings, there's no 'ideal' number. It is based on what works best for the family and even for the kids. But there are three phases or age gaps and their pros and cons that you must be prepared with in case you're planning another baby.

  • Small age gap (less than two years): The biggest pro of a small age gap between siblings is that you can nest and get through the pregnancies in a short span of time. The cons are that shorter period between two pregnancies could mean complications during labour. Plus, you will have to take care of a young child while pregnant and you may also need a lot many amenities for your next baby, therefore, more investment.
  • Medium age gap (between two and four years): If you are planning a baby after two years of your elder one, then by this time your body would have completely healed and you'd be better prepared for labour and delivery. Plus, your second baby can re-use their elder sibling's clothes, toys and equipments. Your elder sibling would be able to comprehend his/her responsibilities as an elder and may get more involved to help you out.
  • Large age gap (more than four years): If you're planning to have a baby after your child turns four or even later, you will have to revisit your pregnancy days and gain more knowledge on the subject matter. But the good thing is that your elder child can almost take care of himself/herself and will not need your constant physical support to do thing. So you can concentrate on your new baby. A bigger age gap would also mean that the two siblings may take time to become really close and perhaps do so when they are much older.

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