New parents Shahid and Mira introduce their daughter to her first guest!

New parents Shahid and Mira introduce their daughter to her first guest!

It seems the cute couple are slowly opening up to the idea of introducing their baby girl to all their friends and extended family

The last time we saw new parents Shahid and Mira with their daughter Misha, they were brining her home. Holding her close to his heart, the doting dad obviously did not want anybody to see their new baby.

And the only people to have closely seen their little bundle of joy was perhaps her grandparents.

But now it seems the cute couple are slowly opening up to the idea of introducing their baby girl to all their friends and extended family. And the first guest to their house was none other than Shahid's Udta Punjab co-star Alia Bhatt.

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Bhatt reportedly shares a close friendship with the cute couple and was keen to meet their baby girl since her birth almost a month back. In fact, she had also mentioned the same when she congratulated them on Twitter.

No wonder then, as soon as she got some time out of her busy schedule, she hopped over to their apartment and met Misha. A source close to the couple and Alia revealed some interesting details of the meeting.

"Alia has been wanting to visit Shahid and Mira and their daughter Misha, and she could finally do that yesterday. It was a great reunion," he said. He also added that the three even had lunch together and chatted over the baby's daily routine, her habits and even the television shows that she watches with her parents.

Shahid and Mira are nesting with Misha

While this is the first guest they entertained since Misha's birth, it seems that new mum Mira Rajput and doting dad Shahid Kapoor are now ready to throw their doors open to more friends. However, so far the two may have been nesting with Misha.

While Mira must have been busy learning the ropes as a new mum, Shahid is also spending a lot of time at home, enjoying his paternity leave. Shahid's mum and actor Neelima Azim while speaking to media spilled the beans on how the couple is handling being new parents.

Continue reading to see Shahid and Mira's modern parenting style! Here's how they are doing it. 

Neelima Azim told DNA about how the entire family was feeling after the birth of the new baby and also how the new parents are handling it.

“I have two sons (Shahid and Ishaan) with a difference of 13 years between them. I always wanted a daughter. I can’t begin to express my emotions. When I heard that Mira had delivered a little girl... it was joy multiplied. To see your first-born holding his own little first-born and just seeing him take care of our little angel made me speechless! I can’t express that beautiful feeling... Ishaan is now a chachu!," she said.


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She also added how daughter-in-law Mira was taking care of Misha so well, even though she herself is the youngest in the family.

"The youngest in our family is now taking care of the little baby... Mira, Shahid, Ishaan and the baby — fill me with indescribable happiness. Though I would have been as happy if Mira and Shahid had a son, as I am used to being surrounded by boys. We say when a daughter is born —ghar mein bacchi aane se huzoor ki salami hui hai... Ab har tare ki barkat milegi (we have been blessed by God. Now peace, happiness and prosperity will reign),” she happily shared.

With the  the two are getting used to their new roles of parents, they are clearly showing signs of a modern parenting. Introducing their daughter to their friends is one such way.

Unique parenting style of Shahid and Mira

Although many Indian parents often throw open their doors to friends, family and even neighbours to have a look see of their newborn fairly early, it is perhaps a good idea to wait for at least a month before you actually go through with it.

This unique style that even Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor are following is a good idea for many reasons.

  • The first month gives you, as parents, enough time to get used to the baby, and the baby enough time to get used to the new environment.
  • Keeping the baby away from physical contact with outsiders keeps him at bay from probable infections. The first month is crucial in the baby's health so its best to keep him/her at home till your are confident that it's time to that your baby is ready to go out.
  • It also gives enough time to the mum to get used to her breastfeeding routine. It can get quite challenging for new mums and especially somebody as young as Mira to get used to the routine of staying up late or sometimes the entire night to feed the baby.
  • It also gives an opportunity to new fathers to bond with the baby. Since Shahid is already on an extended paternity leave, we are sure he is spending time getting to know Misha.

Even though these might be workable parenting tips for some parents, it's not a compulsion to keep the baby hidden! The only thing new parents should do is to actually try what work's best for them and their baby.

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