Shah Rukh Khan WANTS to give up this one habit for the sake of his kids!

Shah Rukh Khan WANTS to give up this one habit for the sake of his kids!

He's certainly setting an example.

We all have that one habit that we want to give up, but somehow we can't. However, sometimes our kids push us to give it up totally. That's what superstar and celeb dad Shah Rukh Khan is going through.

Shah Rukh Khan hasn't really shied away from admitting that he is a smoker publicly and has also spoken about this habit of his at numerous platforms. However, the star really wishes to give up this one habit for the sake of his kids, especially four-year-old AbRam.

At a recently concluded media conclave, the father of three made it quite evident that he wants to make a big lifestyle change now.


At the Sri Darbar Sahib. Peace and love and all feelings beautiful. Thank u Amritsar.

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"Yes, that’s an issue, that thought comes in my head, it came last night. One way to look at it is to keep yourself healthy. The presence of a little child at the age of 50, it is a good thing. It makes me come alive, it makes me see innocence and love in a different way. Having said that, will I be there to do the same thing that I did with my older kids? Yes, that is a worry. So that keeps you smoking less, drinking less, exercising more. I am planning to give up all (smoking, drinking, etc) and try to be healthier and happier. I don’t want my children to hold that against me that I was not there," he said.

He also says that he does not want his kids to point fingers at him tomorrow and also how can he ask them to be healthy and fit when he himself is not following a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to Thanksgiving got to spend time with my lil one.

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"I don't want my children to hold that against me that I was not there. I want to be there to give them advice completely out of context and irrelevant. I want to find out about their personal lives when they are hating me for doing so. I want to be cumbersome and troublesome to my children. So I should work towards it and get healthy," Shah Rukh said.

Why parents must practice what they preach

Shah Rukh is right when he says that parents should always lead by example as their kids watch them all the time.

1.Parents are the first teachers: Parents are indeed a child's first teacher as they are the ones the child watches and emulates all the time, which is why parents should be extremely cautious of the things they do in front of their kids.

2. It sets a wrong example: When kids see that their parents are not keeping their word and doing something when they actually know is not good for them, parents set a wrong example in front of their kids and in a way encourage them to do the same.

3. Health is wealth: Being healthy and fit should also be a priority of a family, just like it is to spend quality time with them. Kids would certainly learn to be healthy and fit if they are taught about it from early on and most importantly when they see their parents trying to be that.

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