Shah Rukh reveals a surprising reason for adding the ‘R’ in his son’s name

Shah Rukh reveals a surprising reason for adding the ‘R’ in his son’s name

Shah Rukh Khan threw open Twitter doors for his fans and they wanted to know everything about AbRam. As always, Khan did not disappoint.

Ever since his birth, Shah Rukh Khan's little bub AbRam has been a constant fixture on his arms. He is often seen travelling, attending matches, going to photoshoots and just plain chilling with AbRam, and is clearly besotted by his charm.

So it's no surprise that Khan was happy to answer any question about his son; something he actually did during a live Twitter Q&A session. The Baadshah of Bollywood threw open the floor to questions from his fans, who poured online in large numbers.

And if their idea was to get to know his youngest son better, they certainly succeeded.

The proud dad was more than happy to talk about AbRam and shared some rather interesting information about his name and his favourite activity in the house.

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Khan reveals why he added the capital 'R' in AbRam

During the live interaction on his Twitter handle he was asked about the addition of the capital 'R' in AbRam's name. This is quite a unique name given it has references to two religions.

Needless to say, Khan was at his wittiest best, but gave a rather inspiring answer. See for yourself.

While Khan tried to keep it funny, the real reason for him to give his son this unique name was revealed sometime back.

In an interview the Dilwale star shared, "His name is based on a variation of Prophet Abraham. And I liked the connotation that it's kind of a secular name. We are a Hindu-Muslim family so to say, and I want my children to grow up without any difference of opinion in the name. It's nice this way and has more universal appeal."

Khan shares that AbRam is a funny boy too!

But that wasn't the only thing his fans were interested in, they wanted to know more about his sons. And one of the questions that caught our attention asked Khan if his sons were as witty as he is in real life. Here's what he said.

During the live chat he also shared that while he was talking to everybody his son was jumping around the room and watching a new kid flick A Good Dinosaur.

He is pampered much more

The actor's little bub who is never seen without a parent is clearly the most pampered of the all the three kids.

In fact, mum Gauri recently admitted to it as well. "I think he is pampered much more [than Aryan and Suhana]. He is more on sets with Shah Rukh too. My other kids didn't do that. I am now wondering, why?" she quipped.

But the doting parents are more than happy to spoil their little, one who recently received a tree house. However, having done for Shah Rukh as well as Gauri, the most important thing is to befriend their children.

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"Gauri and my relationship have been geared entirely towards raising our children. That’s what eventually happens. Parents become parents at one point and that changes it all. We have a badass 18-year-old, a dainty 16-year-old and then there’s the three-year-old little gangster. Our conversations, our life together is through the prism of our children. They’ve been our focal point and have literally kept our world intact,” he said.

It is quite clear that Gauri and Shah Rukh are extremely involved in AbRam's life and are trying to give their best to him, just as any parent would. It is this kind of involvement that helps children achieve success in life.

4 ways to help kids succeed

An unspoken rule of parenting is to teach your child to become a successful adult. But that doesn't mean you won't have to work towards helping your child achieve his life goals. Here are a few ways you can help your kids succeed.

  • Lead by example: If you want your kids to complete their education, then you must lead by example. Get your degrees, whether it's fro school or college and show your kids that dedication and hardwork can help them achieve anything in life.
  • Aim for the sky: Always set high goals for yourself, if you want your kids to reach up top. When they see you working towards achieving your goals, they will try to emulate that in your life.
  • Work on challenges: When you are stuck in a challenge try to show your kids your strength and perseverance by not taking 'no' for an answer. Teach them that they also must inculcate the habit of overcoming challenges.
  • Reality check: Make sure to give your kids a reality check every now and then so they are not constantly living in their own lala land. It's important for them to know how to resolve real issues and have productive discussions with people.

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