Sasuma Shabnam Singh has THIS to say about bahu Hazel Keech

Sasuma Shabnam Singh has THIS to say about bahu Hazel Keech

Shabnam Singh who is delighted by her son's choice had a message for nayi bahu Hazel

All daughters-in-law would agree that adjusting with a new family can be tough during the initial days. But with time, both parties learn to love and respect each other. However, it seems for nayi bahu Hazel Keech, there is not going to be any 'tough time!'

She is already her sasuma Shabnam Singh's favourite, who is delighted by her son's decision to marry her. In fact, in an interview before the wedding Singh admitted that Hazel was quite like her and that's why she connected with her so well.

"Hazel is a reflection of me. We both have worked very hard in life. We are sentimental, honest, upright and we respect people, that’s why I connect with her,” she said.

That's perhaps the reason that Singh was extremely happy and was at the forefront of her son's traditional Sikh and Hindu wedding celebrations.

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So it's no surprise that when she was questioned about why Hazel and Yuvraj were perfect for each other, she gave an answer that all daughters-in-law would love to hear.

In a candid interview to DNA, Singh revealed that her son's wedding was exactly as she had envisioned it.

"Everything went so wonderfully"

"We had just planned a happy, fun-loving round of festivities as Yuvi himself is like that. Once the wedding dates were sorted, Yuvi, Hazel and I both sat down and planned out every occasion. I am glad everything went off so wonderfully and it is all due to my Guruji Braham Gyani Sant Ram Singhji’s blessings. He also conducted their wedding ceremony at the Fategarh Sahib gurudwara. But now I am exhausted! It has been a rollercoaster ride. While we had planned everything, I think we needed some rest between ceremonies," said the doting mum.

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But just as any other doting mother, Singh also got emotional seeing her son walking down the aisle. She shared that it wasn't until Yuvraj's Goa wedding that the mother-son duo got emotion and even started to cry.

Yuvraj's wedding was an emotional ride for Shabnam

"It was (emotional). In Goa while giving his post-wedding speech, he broke down while talking about me," she shared.

Adding that it was "completely unexpected" she said, "I was listening to his speech and watching people around him, when suddenly his voice cracked. It was unexpected and I thought shayad gala kharab ho gaya (maybe he had a sore throat). He got so emotional and I became emotional, too," she says.

Continue reading to see what sasuma Shabnam Singh said about Hazel, it's every daughters-in-law favourite thing to hear! 

Bahu Hazel is the right choice

While explaining how son Yuvraj's wedding was an emotional time for the entire family, Singh explained by she thought Yuvraj took the right decision by choosing Hazel.

"Today, I feel happy and proud... I have brought up Yuvi single-handedly and he’s been such a loving and wonderful son. It was an incredibly special moment for me to see him getting married and to know that my responsibility is less today because Hazel is there to also take care of him. It’s a good feeling. I would like to be more at ease now. I am glad that Yuvi is in good hands with Hazel," said the emotion mum.

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She also added that Hazel is a special girl and different from all the other girls her son Yuvraj has been friends with.

"Hazel has got a very clean and warm heart. What I love about her is that she will do anything to make the family happy. She is a very sacrificing, home-loving girl. Even her mom is like Hazel, very warm and family-oriented. I am very happy that Hazel’s very different from the other girls that Yuvi has known," she says.

"Hazel is very caring and gives her 100 per cent to her home and relationships. It’s what I would have wanted for Yuvi’s wife. Even when they were dating, she got several offers but she was clear — all she wanted was a house and to keep it clean and nice. Having said that, I want to add that I want Hazel to be outgoing too. She’s a free person and there is no compulsion from our side about anything. If she finds something nice to do, she has our support," she added.

Through her short interview, Singh made it clear that she was happy to have Hazel as her bahu and finds the couple to be perfect for each other.

Apart from Singh's ability to accept her son's choice, this strong bond between the saas and bahu can also be attributed to Hazel's forthcoming nature. It is this ability to gel that helps daughters-in-law adjust in the new family and vice versa. There are definitely some lessons to learn from their strong bond.

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