Have you seen baby Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi's nursery? Here's a sneak peek

Have you seen baby Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi's nursery? Here's a sneak peek

Ritakshi Arora of Bibs and Cribs designed an elegant nursery for baby Taimur, and it looks like one that all urban Indian parents can recreate easily

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan's little Nawab, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi is just a day old, but he has already become the talk of the town. The newest star kid on the block has managed to grab eyeballs, thanks to his royal lineage and his rather unique name.

But most of all, he has delighted his family with his arrival. They are so happy that they can't help but share the tiniest of details about him with their fans.

Take for instance, the happy new grandfather, Randhir Kapoor who shared, "We have been blessed with a grandson. Both the mother and the baby are doing fine. I haven't seen him yet, but most children look the same — angelic. Maybe a few days later, we'll know which parent he resembles more. We're thankful to people who prayed for my daughter and her child's well-being. Now, we can't wait to take him home."

Family visits baby Taimur and Kareena

Baby Taimur and new mum Kareena were visited by his entire family, including masi Karisma Kapoor, dadi Sharmila Tagore, nani Babita Kapoor, and bua Soha Ali Khan.

According to new nana Randhir Kapoor, the mum and son duo will head back home before Christmas Eve, and the planning to take them home is in full-swing.

Kapoor shared, "I had dinner with Bebo on Monday night; she was fine and glowing. Saif is looking into everything single-handedly, I'm very proud of him. Hopefully, Kareena will be home before Christmas, so we can all play with the little one at our annual brunch. It's a proud moment for the Kapoors. My mother, who has become a great grandmother all over again, is simply overjoyed. She's waiting to hold him in her arms."

Plus, the couple have already made all the arrangements for Taimur's arrival at home, including a top-notch baby nursery. Yes, that's correct.

Little Nawab's royal nursery

If you recall, we earlier told you how Saif and Kareena had been shopping for their baby's nursery just weeks before his birth. And they even bought a Peg Perego stroller with matching accessories.

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But now pictures of baby Taimur's actual nursery have finally been revealed and might we say, he will have the cutest bed ever!

The pictures show pastel shade interior with a huge crib that can open into a bed.

Continue reading to see baby Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi's gorgeous nursery!

Little Nawab's royal nursery

The new parents not only purchased a baby stroller for their little Nawab, but also hired Ritakshi Arora of Bibs and Cribs to do up his nursery.

The image of the nursery was shared by The Diaper Drama who wrote: "As promised, here's our exclusive sneak peek into Mini Nawab's baby nursery done by @rita_kshi of Bibs N Cribs! Absolutely love the idea of the Pataudi Crest! #TheDiaperDrama #BabyNursery #Roomdecor #BabyPataudi #BabyBoy #TaimurAliKhanPataudi #ItsABoy #Motherhood #BabyInteriors #BabyRooms #Toddler #ToddlerLife #MommyDiary #MomLife #MommyKnowsBest #MommyBlogger #MommyBlog #MomsWhoBlog #BabyBump #BumpWatch."

If you notice closely, you'll see the Pataudi emblem on the head of the crib! Now that's a royally cool crib befitting the mini Nawab!

The nursery was also supervised by the new dad himself who seemed pleased with the setup. It also seems that since the couple were unaware of the gender of the baby, they chose to go with a neutral pastel shade.

And if you are also in the process of readying a nursery for your baby, here are a few things you can add.

How to do up a baby's nursery

  • Wallpaper: Do not be afraid to experiment with colours for your baby's nursery. However, don't go overboard with the neons. Use simple yet bright colours, but also the unusual ones such as green, cold coffee, aqua glow or orange. If you are a fan of pastel shades, then you can a touch of texture or print to make it look more lively.
  • Bigger cribs: Just as Bebo and Saif have done up their baby's nursery, you can also invest in a crib that opens into a bed once your baby is old enough to craw or walk. In case you decide to repurpose an old crib, make sure that it is redone to meet all the safety standards.
  • Crib bedding: Once you've selected the crib for your little one, the next big step is to invest in some good bedding. Be sure to buy cotton sheets that are breathable and do not irritate your baby's skin. Plus, try to keep the bedding as simple and to the size of your baby as possible. It should not feel too overwhelming for him.
  • Changing table: Many Indian urban parents have now realised the importance of a changing table. This is a piece of furniture than can be repurposed into a storage drawer later when your baby grows up. And if you're a working mum, it can be your best friend. If you do not have too much space, you can even opt for a changing top that can be placed on a bed or a table.
  • Feeding chair: Not many new mums pay attention to the need of a separate feeding zone or a comfortable lazy chair. This is where you can sit upright and feed your baby. Since breastfeeding must advisably be done while sitting straight to allow easy digestion and fewer chances of reflux by the baby, a chair is your ideal companion.
  • Storage cupboards: An open storage cupboard is another essential that you would need. You can add cloth drawers or soft cardboard drawers that you can label for easy access to store your baby’s clothes and diapers. You can also place your baby’s toys or any item that you can store away to keep the room clean and neat. After all, your baby needs space to explore!

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