The secrets to raising smarter children

The secrets to raising smarter children

The secret to raising smarter children might surprise you as it's not something that you would expect. Read more to find out!

The key to raising smarter children to not tell kids that they're smart. It might sound illogical, but let me explain it further.

Decades of studies have shown that natural ability or talent doesn't make a person smart or successful, it's all about having a mindset that's open to learning and a mindset that treats shortcomings as problems that can be solved.

This growth and learning-focused mindset is important since it lets kids handle problems better and it makes them adapt better to change.

Here are some pointers on how to go about raising smarter kids:

1. Focus on strategies

Teach your kids to have a mindset that's targeted towards the process of learning, and not just raw ability. Let them understand the value of hard work and praise them for their effort instead of just telling them that they're smart.

This way of thinking will let them understand that hard work matters more when it comes to learning, and it also makes your kids treat everying as a learning experience.

2. Lack of effort can cause kids to fail

Focusing on raw ability or intelligence alone can cause kids to fail whenever they encounter something that requires more effort than usual.

Kids that have always been told that they're smart usually find it hard to move forward when faced with difficult problems since they're used to coasting by and having an easy time in school.

On the other hand, kids that have been taught that hard work is the key usually find a way to handle problems better. They treat failure as a problem that they need to solve, and not as a hurdle that they can't overcome.

This sort of thinking fosters success not only in school, but also life in general, and is vital in raising smarter children.

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3. Make their brains work

Of course, hard work alone won't make your kids successful. The key is to make their brains work so that everything for them becomes a learning experience.

Teach your kids to learn from everything around them and to always keep their minds working. Having a mindset that's focused on growth and learning early on is something that your kids can take with them to adulthood, so it's best to start them young.

To cap it off, raising smarter children isn't something that you can learn overnight. As with your kids, your brain will also benefit from having a growth and learning mindset.

Learning isn't something that stops when you finish school since learning happens all the time. So the best way to go about raising smarter kids is to start raising kids who love to learn and are willing to put in the hard work and effort required to learn as much as they can about the world around them.


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