Oct 15 to be 'no bag day' for school kids in Mumbai

Oct 15 to be 'no bag day' for school kids in Mumbai

The state government has called in for the initiative to mark late president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's birth anniversary by encouraging kids to read more books

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A day’s respite for school kids in Mumbai!

Oct 15 to be ‘no bag day’ for school kids in Mumbai!

October 15 will be a day to rejoice for the school-going kids in Mumbai. The Maharashtra state government has announced a ‘no bag day’ on October 15 to mark late and former president APJ Abdul Kalam‘s birth anniversary. Calling it the Vaachan Prerna Diwas or the Reading Day, the young minds will be given an opportunity to indulge in reading books outside their course’s curriculum.

The state government has set a budget of Rs 6 lakh to mark the day, whose mandate applies to children from Classes III to VIII. The schools across the state have been asked to conduct readings sessions and events that will inspire and encourage kids to indulge in reading books.

“Kalam’s writings are an inspiration to students and youth. These activities will help students develop an interest for reading, which is sorely lacking. So we created the ‘school without bags’ plan for that day,” told India Today.

According to officials, the schools have been asked to organise and undertake such activities on a regular basis so that children can develop reading habits early on in life.

For the Late President of India, who always encouraged kids and adults to learn more and do more, this great initiative by the State Government is a tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in true sense on his birth anniversary. Also, reading subjects out of curriculum and the writings by Dr. Kalam like Wings of Fire, children will surely benefit.

Pic credit: thehindu.com

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