Say no to water: 5 incredible ways to celebrate a water-less Holi this year!

Say no to water: 5 incredible ways to celebrate a water-less Holi this year!

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate dry Holi in a grand way, here are some ideas that you can choose from.

With Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis urging one and all to celebrate a dry Holi this year due to the severe drought that Maharashtra is reeling under, celebs have also come out in full form to support this cause.

“I would urge everyone to enjoy the festival of colour, but insist on playing a dry Holi keeping in mind the recent drought that Maharashtra is facing. Let’s all make it a combined effort to save water. It’s the least we can do. Have a colourful, waterless Holi,” said actress Sonakshi Sinha to a prominent Mumbai newspaper.

However, actress Shabana Azmi had an important point to make.  “This year we have pledged not to play Holi with water out of respect for the drought-afflicted state. We believe Holi can be a whole lot of fun without resorting to watery celebrations,” says actress Shabana Azmi.

Isn’t she right when she says that Holi can be fun even without water. So, if you are looking for ideas to celebrate dry Holi in a grand way, here are some ideas that you can choose from.

1.Dance it out

holi deepika cropped

Whether it is Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri or Holi, Indians love to dance and dancing is perhaps our way of expressing joy and happiness. While you cannot participate in rain dance this year for obvious reason, no one is stopping you from having a blast and dancing to the best Bollywood Holi songs. What’s more, invite your friends and family members and have a riot of colours while dancing to your favourite beats.

2. Organise a Potluck party

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Indian festivals are incomplete without traditional goodies and scrumptious delicacies. So instead of buying gujiya from the market, why not make some at home yourself and hold a potluck party for friends and family. You can decide a menus and each member can decide what she/he would like to cook or bring from home. Wouldn’t that be fun! Know how to make traditional Holi recipes in this article.

3. Plan a Karaoke Bash!

holi karoke

Another fun way to have a rollicking Holi bash is by organising a Karaoke bash with your friends and family members. We all know that everybody is in high spirits during Holi and this is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their hidden talents. You can also keep a “couples only” or “kids only” competition. Now who wouldn’t like that!

4. Have a rangoli competition for kids and adults

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While rangolis are to be made during Diwali, who’s stopping you from making one during holi as well. Holi is a festival of colours and another way to celebrate it would be by having a rangoli competition.

You can ask both adults and kids to participate and keep them entertained by playing a few songs in the background. You can even ask your society members to come forward and then you can organise it at a bigger level as well.

5. Hit the beach

holi beach save

Once you are done playing with colour you can hit the beach and wash off all the colour that is smeared on you in the sea. If you don’t live in a land-locked place, see if you have a open pool or a lake where there are holi arrangements being made. However, if you are planning to do so, make sure you use only organic or eco-friendly colours to protect the sea water from getting polluted.

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