New pics! Sara Ali Khan proves that she has a lot in common with stepmum Kareena

New pics! Sara Ali Khan proves that she has a lot in common with stepmum Kareena

Both the ladies love Saif Ali Khan and are each other's best friends! But there's one more common thing...

A mother-daughter relationship is both powerful and unique and grows stronger as the years pass by. This means that they may not only share similar personalities, have many things in common, but sometimes may even look alike.

Take for instance, Sara Ali Khan Pataudi.

While she looks quite like her mum Amrita Singh, she also seems to have developed similar taste akin her stepmum Kareena Kapoor Khan. Yes, you read that right.

Taking a fashionable cue from stepmum

The Columbia University pass out is all set to make her movie debut soon, and is already taking a cue on fashion from her stylish stepmum Kareena.

Sara was recently spotted donning a gorgeous blue Sabyasachi lehenga and pouted and posed just like the new mum.

And, while on camera Kareena and Sara share a similar stylish attitude, in real lives they share equal respect and love for each other.

In fact, Kareena often gushes about her closeness to her two stepkids. She even stated in a interview that Sara is her "bar-hopping partner."

"They are wonderful kids. They love me and I love them. We are like the best of friends. They are my family. I love my family to be around me all the time. It grounds you and keeps you in a happy space. Sara, Ibrahim, my mother-in-law (Sharmila Tagore), Soha, Sabah… We all are close to each other," she said.

Similar styles, similar taste

The two ladies also seem to share a similar fashionable interest. No wonder then just days after Sara was spotted in a gorgeous blue ensemble, Kareena donned the same colour too.

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In the same interview Kareena shared that both share similar habits and often hang out together. "We are like two college girls painting the town red. She’s my bar hopping partner. I enjoy my equation with her. She’s such a bright girl too. I wish I was so well-read," she shared about stepdaughter Sara.

No wonder then both share a similar taste in fashion. Not to forget, both ooze confidence and elegance every time they step out. But the fact that they are so friendly with each other, goes to show how much Saif and Amrita have put in to help them welcome Kareena into their family.

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